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headshot1.jpg website1 102x150 Women Traveling the World   About UsWomen Traveling the World was established to cater to the many women in the world who enjoy traveling but don’t always have a companion. And we all know traveling is more fun with someone else or even better a small group of like-minded ladies like you. So what better than to join a group of women traveling together?

Owner and CEO Jennifer Vander Lind has spent many years working in a variety of areas in the travel industry. She started as a travel agent, then managed her own agency before moving into an executive sales and marketing position with the Caribbean. Having a love for travel herself and having traveled the world extensively she brings her knowledge of working in the travel industry and traveling the world to this women’s only travel group.

Women Travel Companions

Many women want to travel but either don’t have a companion, time to plan or know how to get the best itinerary. Forget the big bus tours with hoards of people. That is where we come in. We don’t just book a trip to a destination; we put great thought and planning into each itinerary to offer a unique experience at each destination. It may be a cooking class, a private castle tour, a safari picnic, a private lecture or simply getting to sites you might never even think of. We cater to small groups to offer these excursions and to more intimately get to know each other on our journeys in hopes of creating lifelong new friendships from around the world. We try to choose unique hotels that cater to each area, while being as convenient as possible to the sites. We look forward to meeting you on our next adventure.

We also can offer custom trip planning assistance for any and all trips you need the services of a Travel Agent for.

Top Reasons to Book Your Singles Package With Women Traveling the World

  1. We limit the number of travelers to 16
  2. Itinerary’s are offered to provide a slower pace allowing time to see all the sites and not just drive by them
  3. Ample FREE time is offered on all tours allowing you to see everything you want and not simply what is offered
  4. Experienced tour leader accompanies all tours offering you assistance and personal attention 24/7
  5. Licensed local tour guides are used on all overseas tours so you get the history and knowledge of the area that some tours don’t offer.
  6. Our schedules are flexible so that more time or extra stops can be offered along the route so that you really get the full perspective of what we are seeing and the flexibility to venture off a bit that most tours don’t offer.
  7. Unique itinerary’s offer a different trip and experience most standard tours don’t offer. We customize our tours.
  8. We try and use unique hotels at each destination and not just the big “Tourist hotels”
  9. Pricing is kept as low as possible to offer an affordable tour.
  10. Small group size allows for meeting new friends and bonding with fellow women travelers.
  11. Women only tours offers a stress FREE experience and the interest that most women want to see on a tour.
  12. Roommate matching allows you the flexibility to travel at a discounted rate and make a new friend on your tour.

Women Traveling the World is registered with the state of Florida as a seller of travel, Registration No. ST38808 and a credited member of IATAN.

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