June 26, 2019

10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco

10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco

Morocco for ages has been all about appreciating the ancient way of living. For centuries a place of Nomads, the land is famous for the timeless beauty bounded in its cities like, Marrakech, the Ochre city and the mesmerizing Casablanca! It gives you the special way of living in the preserved Moroccan style. The geographical location of Morocco makes it a hot spot for tourists. The coast line of the Atlantic that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar which merges into the Mediterranean Sea leads to several amazing picturesque sights on the land.

The fifth largest Arab country in the world, the versatility in its geography is what can be described by the vast sand dunes of the Sahara, the peak mountains of the High Atlas and the ancient medinas and sprawling colourful markets of spices and leather which altogether work as a treat for nature and heritage lovers from across the world.

If you are an independent woman and want to find yourself impressed by the preserved essence in the tradition, culture and heritage of Morocco, then you can explore the excitement of this land with other like-minded solo women travellers through https://womentravelingtheworld.com/, a leading travel website where you can discover hand-picked destinations and several tailor made packages to suit your custom needs, along with exciting itineraries curated by experts!

Explore Morocco with Women Traveling The World!

Women traveling the world is a travel website that helps eager and ready to explore solo women travellers to travel the world with like-minded individuals. They help effortlessly curate travel groups for women and provide detailed information, handpicked destinations, hotels and tours and the best possible itineraries. If you have an undying desire to visit and explore the culture and heritage of Morocco, then you must have a look at the details of the Morocco adventure tours the website offers.

Morocco adventure tours is a package designed for women travellers who want to enjoy their solitude as well as having a Grand time with friends in the beautiful country. Highly recommended by travel critics, these tours are an ideal choice for women to experience a complete rejuvenation in life as they explore the streets of the city filled with crafts, carpets and the customary lifestyle. You can meet the locals and understand their dated culture, taste their delicious local cuisines, ride a camel across the dunes and explore all that Morocco has to offer.

10 Best Things about Morocco

WTTW makes sure that your journey coincides with being close to the colourful Moroccan culture and the landscapes that are not just distinct but quite attractive for one and all. As the land has a legacy of being known as a tourist destination, it is important to know several cultural aspects of the land in order to enjoy it fully.

1. The magical experience of Morocco begins on the land of Marrakech, the ochre city and Casablanca, where you get to enjoy the taste of the daily life in Morocco.

2. Soak into the nomad experience in the streets of morocco as you explore the 4 imperial cities that preserve the civilization and historical traces traveling through Ait Ben Haddaou and Merzouga.

3. Meet and greet the nomads and locals of Morocco who will leave an imprint of their culture on you in such a way that you will take back the spirits that will make you feel free and alive.

4. Discover the richness in taste of the authentic cuisines and mouth-watering cultural delicacies from Africa as the chefs begin to cook a Moroccan dish. Travellers in Morocco find the cafes as a favourite pass time which are a key part of its modern culture. Mint teas and coffee being the most relished taste here.

5. Explore nature’s diversity in Morocco as you go camel trekking in the desert and hike up to North Africa’s highest peak. Furthermore, the streets of Morocco are a paradise for shopaholics, which is something perfectly ideal for women.

6. Explore the ancient streets of the Medina, sleep at the boutique riads, soak in some relaxation at the panoramic terraces and grand squares.

7. Ride your camel to the dunes across the desert that includes a night at the Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert. You will wake in the morning to watch the sunrise over the sand dunes.

8. Traveling on the Moroccan land becomes even more exhilarating as you relax and rejuvenate yourself indulging in the ancient ritual of ‘Hamam’, a practice that has been kept close to the Moroccan heart.

9. From food to spices, everything has a class in the streets of Morocco. Explore and enjoy the spice market with the nomads, backed up by the urban sounds of the orchestra as you witness women sitting with baskets full of colourful spices with its unique smell at the Medina’s Second Square.

10. Morocco has always been known to offer entertainment in its truest sense as it has still not shed on its folk and ancient culture. You get a chance of buying souvenirs’ and artefacts to bring back home from the Dienna el Fna square and souks where the locals sell ceramics and the traditional Moroccan jewellery.

While all this is included in their planned itinerary, you can also get in touch with the team to customize a trip for yourself by writing to them at: info@womentravelingtheworld.com

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