Europe is amazing! Everyone wants to go there to be able to see the sights and meet the great people and interact with new cultures and environments. Some people may even have a trip to the Eifel Tower on their bucket list! The one thing that’s certain is that Europe is one of the top travel destinations for women going into 2016. Some may be wondering, “What makes Europe so great?” or “What are the best places to visit in Europe?”

Those are great questions that need to be answered as soon as possible to get everyone going to Europe to have the time of their lives! What makes Europe so exciting is its rich history and culture. There are wonderful accents, great food, and historical landmarks that are perfect for selfies. Europe is the place to be in 2016, especially for single women traveling alone, and it’s time to find out why.

Top Travel Destinations in Europe

Paris, France

Paris is a romantic getaway, of course, but it is also one of the best vacations for singles to visit that are looking for adventure. Paris is rich in history, has great wine and restaurants, and is even home to landmarks such as the Eifel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Those that enjoy the fine arts would be thrilled with a trip to the Musee du Louvre, the art museum famous for housing the Mona Lisa and other great works of art.

London, England

There is a wonderful island just north of France known as Great Britain. The neighboring island of Ireland is another wonderful place, but London, England is one of the most marvelous places. Rich in history and culture, the tradition of the English has flowed over from generation to generation to make it a place full of rich history. But there are also places to go and people to see in the wonderful capital. London Bridge and the clock tower known as Big Ben are two favorites as far as tourist attractions, and there are many more charming English sites full of wonderful people to talk to, making London one of the best vacations for singles.

Brunswick, Germany

The 2 hour radius around Brunswick is a wonderful place full of exciting things to do. Not quite as touristy as London or Paris, this could be a great stop for an individual or group that is backpacking through Europe.  Some of the sights to see within the city itself include the Burgplatz, a town square that has its appearance due to Gothic influence. One interesting fact about Brunswick is that many of its buildings were destroyed during World War II because of air raids and bombs. The town’s cathedral, however, still stood.

Athens, Greece

One of Europe’s most unique cultures is alive and well in Greece. From the Acropolis to the other magnificent Greek architecture that has been standing since ancient days, Greece is a remarkably beautiful place. There are restaurants like Dinner in the Sky Greece, where guests eat on a platform raised 50 meters above the city in order to fully take in all the sights.

The one thing that’s for sure about Europe is that it is an exciting place. As travelers, it is important to use common sense and basic safety protocols when traveling abroad. It is best to have a plan, and people from home that stay in contact. The best way to keep traveling is to travel safe with a group of single women travelers.

Europe is an amazing destination. For the woman that has never been to Europe, this is your year! European getaways are great for singles or married couples, and there are many great people to meet along the travels that are all looking for adventure and the chance to enjoy something entirely new.