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Travel Agents

Travel agents, we are pleased to work with registered travel agents looking to sell space into our tours.  We understand that you work with clients looking for small tours such as ours that are open just to ladies and therefor we look to form a partnership with our fellow agents.

If you have any questions please contact us directly. Please feel free to place a link on your website to our website to increase your chance of bookings.

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Travel Insurance

When you choose to join us on one of our amazing trips for single women, we like to make sure that everyone’s trip goes off without a hitch. Therefore, with our experience working as travel agents, we can assist you with not only booking your ticket but also with setting you up with travel insurance.

Setting up your travel insurance can be one of the most difficult parts of booking your vacation, but that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you get sick, miss your flight or your flight gets cancelled, you want to take every precaution to get your money back. With years of experience in the travel industry and years of traveling as tourists under our belt, you’re joining the right all women’s traveling group. If you need help setting up your travel insurance and are interested in one of our upcoming trips, contact Women Traveling the World. We look forward to traveling with you.

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FREQUENT TRAVELER PROGRAM If you have traveled with us and book another tour you will receive $50 off any tour of 7 days or longer. This applies to all future tours you book and is unlimited.

Looking to book a tour, hotel or cruise direct? Select any of the services below and book direct and save!

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Travel Tools

So you’ve finally decided to take that leap of faith and follow a dream you’ve had to get out there and explore the World!! Now that you’re booked on that journey of a lifetime you want to make sure you are prepared and have all the pertinent questions answered. Planning for your trip may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Our Travel Tools are an accessory you never knew you needed. Let us guide you through what may seem like the impossible. Whether you are a first time traveler or a frequent traveler, you will have questions about:

  • Travel Insurance & Documents
  • Currency & Electricity
  • Internet & Phone
  • Inoculations & Weather
  • Packing tips

All of these important questions and more will be answered on our thoroughly researched Travel Tools page. You can click the link below to visit the Travel Tools page and learn more.

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Custom Services:

Along with being able to help you book your “Women’s Tour” we offer additional services.

We can custom tailor a group trip for your friends or family in any size

We can find you some incredible discounts on other tours, cruises, airline tickets, hotels deals and more. We have a staff that works as full time travel agents and are able to meet any travel needs you may have.

All of our representatives at Women Traveling the World are enthusiastic travelers who want to share their love for traveling and adventure with you. So, if you’re in need of a vacation to an exotic location, contact us on our website and we’ll get you the details on our future trips as soon as possible, along with assisting you in any way we can.

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Women Traveling the World was established to cater to the many women who enjoy traveling but don’t always have a Travel companion. We all know traveling is more fun with someone else or, even better, a small group of like-minded ladies. So what better than to join a single women’s travel group?

Many women want to travel but either don’t have a companion, time to plan, or know how to get the best itinerary. Forget the big bus tours with hoards of people. We don’t just book a trip to a destination; we put great thought and planning into each itinerary to offer a unique experience at each destination. We cater to small groups of 12 – 14 ladies so we can get to know each more intimately on our journeys, and in hopes of creating lifelong new friendships from around the world. We look forward to meeting you on our next adventure.

Jennifer Vander Lind
Phone: (866) 753-1552
Email: info@womentravelingtheworld.com

We are a seller of Travel for the state of Florida

Registration #: ST38808

[button url=”/contact/” color=”grey”]Contact Jennifer[/button][/two_thirds_last][/five_twelfths][one_third][title size=”small”]Why Choose Us[/title][toggle title=”Group Travel Size”]We limit the number of travelers to 16.
[/toggle][toggle title=”We Plan Things Well”]Itineraries are offered to provide a slower pace allowing time to see all the sites and not just drive by them.[/toggle][toggle title=”You’ll Have Your Own Free Time”]Ample FREE time is offered on all tours allowing you to see everything you want and not simply what is offered.[/toggle][toggle title=”Experienced Professional Guide”]Experienced tour leaders accompany all tours with 6 or more clients offering you assistance and personal attention 24/7.[/toggle][toggle title=”Licensed & Local Guides Used”]Licensed local tour guides are used on all overseas tours so you get the history and knowledge of the area that some tours don’t offer.[/toggle][toggle title=”Our Schedules Are Flexible”]Our schedules are flexible so that more time or extra stops can be offered along the route so that you really get the full perspective of what we are seeing and the flexibility to venture off a bit that most tours don’t offer.[/toggle][toggle title=”Unique Itineraries”]Unique itinerary’s offer a different trip and experience most standard tours don’t offer. We customize every aspect of our tours.[/toggle][toggle title=”Unique, Fun Hotels”]We try and use unique hotels at each destination and not just the big “Tourist Hotels”.[/toggle][toggle title=”Discounted Rates”]Roommate matching allows you the flexibility to travel at a discounted rate and make a new friend on your tour.[/toggle][/one_third][one_fourth_last][title size=”small”]Affiliations[/title][/one_fourth_last]