Calling all spontaneous women with a taste for adventure! Do you love traveling? Experiencing the unknown? Meeting unique women from all walks of life? But you’re unsure of who to do it with or lack the time to plan the details? Well, Women Traveling the World has a solution for you: we put together single women travel groups with a comprehensive itinerary, unique lodging, local guides, discounted rates and flexible scheduling to give you an experience abroad like you’ve never had before.

Women Traveling the World is currently offering a 4-day exploration of the magnificent city of Montreal. The trip is July 1st to July 4th, coinciding perfectly with the historic Montreal Jazz Festival. Beyond the music is great food, rich history, relaxing leisure, and grand architecture, bound to make your visit unforgettable.


Notre-Dame Basilica 

The Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the “crown jewels” in Quebec’s rich religious heritage. A perfect spot for reflection and admiration, the architecture of The Notre-Dame Basilica is awe-striking, with such elaborate design and grandeur that you can spend hours looking at.


Saint Laurent Boulevard

Also known as The Main, Saint Laurent Boulevard is at the heart of Montréal’s nightlife and is a hub for culture. There are numerous art galleries, shops restaurants, bars, wineries and cultural heritages that take residency in The Main. There is truly something for everyone here!


Kondiaronk Lookout in Mount Royal Park

The Lookout gives an amazing panoramic view of Montréal. Whether you decide to enjoy the trails and walk to to the top or take a cab, the scenery is amazing either way. Once you reach the top, head towards the gazebo or Camilien-Houde lookout Kondiaronk. You can see all the East of the island of Montreal, historic cottages, you have a beautiful view of the city center, the river and the South Shore.


Old Montréal

Just a short walk from the Notre Dame Basilica, the winding streets, historic architecture, and cobblestone roads will remind you of a European city. Old Montréal has plenty of little restaurants, cafes, and antique boutiques, making this picturesque town a lovely addition to the itinerary.


Jazz Festival

The Montréal International Jazz Festival holds the record for the world’s largest jazz festival. Every year it features roughly 3,000 artists from 30+ countries, more than 650 concerts (including 450 free outdoor performances), and welcomes close to 2.5 million visitors. Additionally, the Jazz Festival’s closing ceremonies offers a spectacular show and world famous surprise guests! It is not a festival to be missed!