Swedish Vacation Destinations

Sweden is a beautiful country with clear waters and towering mountains. If you are interested in visiting the country, then you will want to make sure you put these four best spots in Sweden for women on your itinerary.

Drottingholm Palace

Drottingholm Palace is a fairy tale come true. If you spent your childhood days picturing yourself as a princess or queen, then this is the right place to live out those fantasies. The palace was built in the late 1700s to accommodate the Swedish Royal Family. It’s still officially used in that capacity, but you can also visit it for tours any day of the week. There’s even a theater where you can watch performances during summer.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is dedicated to Sweden’s cultural history. It’s such as popular destination that over 20 million people have visited it since the grand opening in 1990.

Set aside at least one day to see the Vasa Museum. It’s even better if you have two days. That way, you can see everything from the Swedish Imperial fleet’s boats to temporary exhibits that highlight specific parts of Sweden’s history.

Skansen National Park

Saknsen National Park will expose you to some of the most beautiful homes in Sweden. Many of the buildings are traditional houses that are now protected by the government. This helps preserve the culture’s history while showing it off to the rest of the world.

Skansen National Park is also located near some excellent shopping and dining districts. If you visit during summer, then you will want to spend a few hours exploring the areas around the park as well as the buildings and natural landscapes inside it.

ABBA: The Museum

Few pop music groups are as fun as ABBA. The band’s dance-oriented songs can get any booty moving. Now, you can experience ABBA in a whole new way.

ABBA: The Museum in Stockholm has interactive exhibits where you can participate in the pop group’s music and stage shows. You’ll also find all of the exhibits that were included in ABBAWORLD, a traveling museum that toured Europe and Australia from 2009 to 2011. If you’re a fan of ABBA, then you have to set aside time to see this museum. There’s nothing else in the world like it.

Sweden is one of the world’s most beautiful and progressive countries. With so many things to see, the hardest part of your trip will be deciding what places you don’t have time to visit.