If you can only attend one festival in the Pacific Northwest this year, then make it Bumbershoot! Bumbershoot is a huge art and music festival held in Seattle, WA and takes place every year on Labor Day weekend. This year it will be held on the weekend of August 30 – September 1st.

Bumbershoot Festival

We are so excited to blog about Bumbershoot and are so happy to spread the word about this amazing festival of goodness.


In case you are wondering, Bumbershoot dates back all the way to 1971 and has always been a huge hit. The word “bumbershoot” actually came about in Americana in the early 1920’s and is thought to be an alteration of the words umbrella, parachute, and maybe a few others. It is just meant to be a fun & eclectic word that rolls off your tongue. icon smile Bumbershoot Festival: Art and Music Festival in the Great Northleft

Where & Who

This year is going to be a hoot! It will be held on the 74 acre grounds of the Seattle Center and will feature some of the worlds best artists, musicians and have some of the best food around!

If you want to get a general idea of what the festival is about, then checkout this years lineup. You’ll see see some very familiar and popular bands such as Foster the People, The Replacements, Los Lobos and even some unexpected and wacky surprises such as the Wu Tang Clan.


You can score a day ticket for $60 or a 3 day pass for $145, which is not bad considering most concerts these days are 3 times the amount for just a few hours. Turn it into a fun even with your friends and make it a group travel for singkles. If you’ve got kids, then you can drop em off (ok not literally) at “Youngershoot” which is kind of a mini-festival for kids. A lot of families will do a half and half type of deal where you go for half a day at Bumbershoot then half a day at Youngershoot.


A lot of families go just for the kids portion, but it also makes great mini singles vacations. It’s a blast for everyone! We are so pumped about this year and just can’t wait to see everything in live action!