Costa Rica nature and adventure tours is just the perfect choice if you are looking for rejuvenating holidays. Indulge yourself in the hues of life that is vibrant yet tender enough to be absorbed within your souls. ‘Pura Vida’ translates to “pure life” according to the costa Rican philosophy which lets you appreciate life’s simple treasures. The lifestyle on this rain-forested Central American country is pretty laid back; which also means that the people here refuse to take anything for granted. In fact if people are to be believed, it’s more than just a lifestyle!

The country is bordered by the Nicaragua on the north and on the north east by the Caribbean Sea and Panama on the south. It is the most visited nation in the Central American region with approximately 2.9 million foreign visitors in the year 2016. Costa Rica nature and adventure tours is the major tourist attraction at the place. The reason that draws tourists to the place are the series of national parks and preserved areas in the rain forest. Due to its habitat and natural preservations of flora and fauna, Costa Rica was ranked 44th in the world and 2nd amongst Latin American countries.

The land is often associated with volcanoes, rivers, rain forests and waterfalls. The land opens doors to several adventure sports for the tourists, such as, white water rafting through its pristine water bodies; snorkeling in the unique underwater life; kayaking in the rivers; sport fishing though the current; extreme adventure activities on land, air or water. Costa Rica tours will also bring you in close acquaintance with the simplest and purest form of leading your life. The distinct experience of the adventure tourism on Costa Rica is unique to the land and you will not be able to discover the essence I am talking about until you visit the place.

The friendly ambience and the multilingual yet amiable atmosphere is one of its kinds on the land. What you take back from a vacation in Costa Rica is definitely more than just memories! Artistic expressions can be traced in the cultural theatre, music and dancing activities on the traditional land. The consistent aim of Costa Ricans to maintain peace on the land tells a lot about the people here. The vegan and non vegan food has a taste of its true authenticity. The streets are full of handmade products in its organic market will let you shop on the goods that you want to take back as s a souvenir for your loved ones. Enjoy a walk through its ancient history s you wander through structures and museums.

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