At Women Traveling the World we believe that solo travel for women is more much more feasible now than ever before. Travel companies that are run by and for women have made it easier for women traveling alone to cross continents safely and confidently. As the world of solo travel opens up for more adventurous women, a new “problem” arises: where should you go? With so many options to consider, where in the world can you best enjoy spending some time with yourself? The answer to this question might lie in the unlikeliest of places.


The nearest bookstore is a good place to start. There’s no shortage of authors eager to tell their stories in beautiful and inspiring locations. Tiphanie Yanique’s semi-autobiographical Land of Love and Drowning is a magical realist tale that captures the colorful Caribbean-American experience. Three orphaned siblings struggle to come to terms with postwar American society and their own family’s supernatural ties to the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Not only is this a gripping read, it also acts as an effective travelogue due to its vivid descriptions. You can also check out Katie T. Williamson’s A Year in Japan, which is illustrated as a travel-size watercolor picture book. Williamson’s realistic, quirky, and stylized watercolor illustrations combine to showcase Japan’s sumo wrestlers using an ATM machine while wearing the traditional mawashi or loincloth, Miyadaiku or Japanese joined-wood temple carpenters dancing to rockabilly, and modern Art Deco-inspired cafes.


Mainstream television also offers insights into what you can expect to see in different locations around the world. Fans of Game of Thrones have long obsessed over seeing the real-life shooting locations of everyone’s favorite medieval fantasy. To see King’s Landing with your own eyes, head to the ancient city of Dubrovnik located on the Croatian coast. If you prefer the biting cold and vast plains of Winterfell, visit Castle Ward Estate in Northern Ireland. Business Insider actually has a list of nine more real-life places that were used to create Westeros, all of which would make for great additions to your travel itinerary.


The world of digital gaming is another unusual but very fruitful source of solo travel inspiration. Go Vuzzle’s highly rated match 3 game, Travel Paradise, simulates trips to colorful tropical islands as players tackle brain training puzzles. Warhorse Studios’ new role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance forces players to survive in a historically-accurate CGI version of the Kingdom of Bohemia located in the unspoiled woodlands of 15th century Europe, including actual castles and other locations that can be visited in the Czech Republic today.

Some games don’t require an immersive digital world to encourage travel, and can be an inspiration through just hinting at adventure. Cheeky Bingo has several travel-themed games among its roster, Irish Luck and Gonzo’s Quest, which use images of the country’s environment to capture the attention of would be travelers. More often than not the mere mention, or single image, of a country is enough to get a traveler thinking about their next trip. Whether it’s online slot games, hardcore RPGs, or mobile match 3 games and simulations, the gaming world is ripe with imagery that inspires travel to different locations around the world.

Always be open to unusual sources of solo travel inspiration wherever you might find it. The next must-see location on your travel bucket list might just be hiding in a game, movie, series, or book that you haven’t checked out yet. Find your inspiration and further explore Women Traveling the World to find more adventures.