There is a long list of things to do while on your leisure days in Dubai. For the groups who are looking for engrossing, informative, and downright fun entertainment adventures, then Dubai has got you covered. When it comes to group travel for singles, there are plenty of activities available on the free days. However, we only get so many of those days, and it can be hard to pick activities among the options. So here are some entertainment highlights of Dubai that will offer your friends plenty of unique memories.


Atlantis’ Aquaventure Water Park

Kicking it off with some watery action, this is one spot you do not want to miss. If you are aiming at group travel for singles, then Atlantis’ Aquaventure contains crazy opportunities for everyone in your group to enjoy. With its Zip Line, Cownose Ray feeding area, and exciting Shark Safari Aquaventure definitely does not disappoint.


Ski Dubai

What do you imagine when going to Dubai? Sand, beaches, Snow skiing? Well that is exactly what you get at Ski Dubai. When we take our trip to the Mall of Emirates, it will be hard to miss the astounding indoor ski resort. Offering ski training, penguin zoos, lounges, and 3,000 square meters of snow, be sure not to miss out on this fantastic fantasy.


The Women’s Museum at Bait Al Banat

Are you looking for a journey into unique history? The Women’s Museum at Bait Al Banat is Dubai’s powerful tribute to the importance of women’s issues and contribution to society. It details the work of female poets, artists, academics, politics, and all other notable women in the UAE.


Dubai Miracle Garden

The perfect combination of nature and romance, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a uniquely fairytale-like environment. An artistic gallery of nature’s beauty, this garden showcases many original bushes that seem impossible to grow and cut. With multi-colored hedges resembling pyramids, peacocks, trains and houses, there is nowhere else on Earth quite like this garden.