April 4, 2016

Guide to Visiting Portugal

Guide to Visiting Portugal

Touring the gorgeous country of Portugal opens the doors to all kinds of unique exploration and fine wineries. We are currently offering an eight-day trip to Portugal from May 28th through June 4th, to give you the chance to take advantage of everything this country has to offer. Between wine tastings, historic museums, ancient neighborhoods and delicious Portuguese food, this trip is one that you do not want to miss!

Avenida da Liberdade

A beautiful avenue located in Lisbon, Portugal. Decked with upscale stores, nice restaurants and boutique hotels, this is the ideal location for you to be based out of during your stay in the country. Charming hotels with a cozy ambiance paired with a friendly staff is the perfect way to make you feel right at home!

Chiado District

Surrounding the area of Lisbon, the Chiado district is an important cultural hub with several museums and theatres located within its borders. “A Brasileira” is the most well-known café of Chiado for having famous poet Fernando Pessoa among its customers.

Tagus River

The Tagus river is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula and is 1,038 km long running along the border between Portugal and Spain. The river empties into the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon. For those who enjoy nature, this is a sight to see due to the abundant amount of animals that hang around the river.

Gulbenkian Foundation Museum

This is one of the finest museums of its type in the world and contains the extraordinary collection of an immensely wealthy Armenian oil magnate. Originally housed in his Parisian residence, the collection is dominated by his taste for magnificent French furniture, Oriental carpets and paintings by the Old Masters.

Estoril and Cascais

In the late 19th century, King Luis I chose the bay of Estoril to be the location for his summer residence. Here you can enjoy the mild climate and nearly rainless days on the beaches of the Estoril coast. This is definitely a scenic destination with various forts and mansions to be appreciated.


Belém is Lisbon’s most monumental and historical area. This is where the Tagus river meets the sea! From here, many great Portuguese explorers began voyages of discovery. Make sure to stop by the Belém tower which was commissioned in the 15h century by King John II to act as a defense system as well as a ceremonial gateway into Lisbon.

Vila Viçosa

Located in Alentejoc, the Vila Viçosa has always been considered a jewel in a treasure chest. Marble is a staple in the economy in Vila Viçosa. Crafted by local vendors, marble lines the streets and buildings of this beautiful city. Be sure to appreciate the architecture of the churches and villa’s while you’re there!

Portugal is an amazing destination. For the woman that have never been to this marvelous region, this is your year! Get in touch with your friendly travel agent from Women Traveling The World today at 866-753-1552!

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