March 27, 2015

5 Ireland Festivals for Single Women Travelers to See

5 Ireland Festivals for Single Women Travelers to See

Are you looking to take a vacation to the beautiful Dublin, Ireland but planning to travel alone? Then we urge you to check out our single women travel tours, which includes details on our exciting fall group tour to Ireland. For more information feel free to call us today at 1-866-753-1552 with all of your questions. In the time leading up to this exhilarating all womens travel tour we have compiled a list of five of our favorite festivals that happen throughout the year in Ireland.

5 Must-See Festivals in Ireland

  1. Cat Laughs Comedy Festival

    Are you interested in comedy? Do you love to laugh? There is a festival held in Ireland that attracts well over 29,000 visitors and tourists every year! That includes single women travelers too! The Cat Laughs Comedy Festival is five days long and takes place at the end of May into June on a bank holiday weekend. This festival was founded in 1994 to combat the ever flourishing riches of Irish comic talent. The festival began its journey doing tiny shows in tiny venues. Today this venue is internationally known. This festival hosts newcomers and helps them become famous. If you are looking for a good time and like to have fun, then this is the festival for you!

  2. Guiness Cork Jazz Festival

    The Guiness Cork Jazz festival is held in October annually. This festival is held in the capital of Cork. Tourists and visitors from all over the world flock to this festival to experience the culture of Ireland. This festival has been accredited as one of the best in all of Europe. This festival is an entire weekend long and is free of any entrance fee. There are over 90 venues and each venue has a string of amazing jazz related sounds. If jazz music is your thing, you will definitely want to set aside time to engage in this festival.

  3. Dublin Writers’ Festival

    Ever dream of watching some of the best writers in a live debate? You will want to plan a trip to Dublin to see some of the best writer’s from all over the world that come together to present you with Dublin Writers’ Festival! Dublin was recently acclaimed as the City of Literature in 2010. This festival is Ireland’s most desired literary event.

  4. Galway Oyster Festival

    If you prefer to travel in September and you are a fan of oysters, then you will want to make an appearance at the Galway Oyster Festival. This festival is over 60 years old and has perfected the art of growing and harvesting oysters. The taste of this festival is what has made it just so famous. There is plenty of music, celebrity cooking competitions, Irish seafood, parades, and so much more.

  5. Galway Races

    Last on our list is the Galway Races which is held in Ballybrit Racecourse anytime from July to August. With over 45 races and plenty of prize money readily available, the Galway Races is a historical event. The races are held over a period of seven days; by far the longest race in Ireland. If you have a thing for racing or horses, you won’t want to miss this must-see festival!

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