This year, Women Traveling the World is visiting Montreal and France and of course, French is the official and predominant language in both these fantastic destinations. Members of our travel group do not need to speak French, since Andrea, our Travel Director, speaks it fluently. However, it is often fun to try saying a few words in a foreign language, and locals are truly appreciative when visitors make an effort.

French Phrases for Singles Travel Trips

Here are a few french phrases and key terms that solo travelers might find handy during their singles travel trip to Montreal or France.

  • Yes = Oui in Montréal/Si in France
  • No = Non
  • Hello, good morning, good day = Bonjour
  • Good night, good evening = Bonsoir
  • Please = S’il vous plaît
  • Thank you = Merci
  • You’re welcome = Bienvenue, de rien
  • How are you? = Comment ça va? (or simply Ça va?)
  • Where are the restrooms? = Où sont les toilettes?
  • Where is…? = Où est…?
  • I don’t understand. = Je ne comprends pas.
  • Do you speak English? = Parlez-vous l’anglais?
  • Taxi = Taxi
  • Subway = Métro (metro)

Now that you know some basic French, contact Women Traveling the World today, and experience the best Montreal and France has to offer. Call 1‑866-753-1552 or select your own international singles travel tour.