If you ever get the chance to visit Morocco, there are some wondrous places that you will definitely not regret visiting. Rich in history and culture, Morocco is no stranger to telling great stories among its people. Here are the most magnificent places to visit while traveling Morocco.


The High Atlas

high atlas town

This beautiful mountain range area is home to a small community of homes that are placed along the mountain’s bumpy structure. This area acts as the bridge between the heat of the lower area and the snowy mountains. The snow moves down to the village in the winter, providing a unique shift throughout the seasons.



agadir town by the sea

We often go to Morocco during the winters, and for good reason. Take a look at Agadir. This city is home to beautiful beaches, vacation resorts, mountain plains and villages. This is the ideal location for starting your Moroccan tour since it is a base for tourism and introduction to the Moroccan land.



morocco Fez Town

The largest, car-free area in the world, this former capital of Morocco is a cultural powerhouse. Filled with beautiful spots such as the Medersa Bou Inania, the Batha Museum, and the Habarim Synagogue, this land is a beautiful maze of history. Just be sure not to go without a travel agent; it very easy to get lost in.



Merzouga desert

Merzouga is the serene desert town that allows for quiet yet astounding scenery. Looking very much like a scene from the movies, Merzouga’s town has a fairy-tale sense of royalty; it’s amazing sand dunes are complemented by its clear bodies of water.



morocco Chefchaouen town

Up in Morocco’s Rift Mountains lies the cool-colored gem, Chefchaouen. This town is literally painted a bright sky-blue, giving it a dream-like personality. Chefchaouen offers a unique opportunity for Tourists to be introduced to their culture, since it is hard not to be taken by its sheer beauty and serenity.


The key to fulfilling travel in Morocco (as is with any country), is to dive in and live amongst the people and environment. You have to learn to see what life is like here; how different and similar is it from your own home? Take in the pleasures and lifestyle of the people you meet. Perhaps these acquaintances can become good friends. One thing is for sure; at the end of it all you will come home with a new appreciation for the world’s cultural beauty.