Bali tours for Singles is an absolutely perfect choice to celebrate this New Year’s Eve. You can go crazy dancing with your favorite tropical drink on the golden sand as you witness a new dusk and a brighter dawn. Bali is a land that celebrates New Year in the perfect spree, with fireworks illuminating skies and waves soothing the senses. Bali is a pretty warm place with tropical climate of 27 degrees with a couple of afternoon showers. The eve of New Year therefore is the perfect time to be in Bali.

Bali tours for singles is in a great demand every year as a lot of explorers desire to celebrate the New Year eve in a tropical style. Also, Women Traveling The World has been catering to many single women travelers who travel the world with their unique zest. Solo travels have become a dominating factor in today’s time and what’s better than customizing your trip your way! Bali with its friendly locals not only makes it safe for single women travelers but also a lot of fun as they share their insights upon the hidden restaurants, party places and local shops. One may also join the locals as they encircle the Catur Muka which is the four faced statue in Bali and join them for the big countdown followed by fireworks and regional music.

For New Year Bali tours, the city of Kuta has a lot to offer, from its lively bars and beaches and popular resort towns. With some amazing art galleries and creative regional art work sprawling in every nook and corner of Bali is definitely an enticing factor for your holidaying experience. There are several workshops that will let you refine your creative side as you get your hands on learning different traditional art techniques, silver jewelries and artistic retreats.

The Indonesian Island is a unique place that lets you enjoy the waves and the sight of forested volcanic mountains, picturesque rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. Bali has a very strong religious aspect, with its Cliffside Uluwatu temple being a major spot of attraction for people who wish to connect with the land’s enchantment.

Bali Tours for singles can become even happier if you do it the right way. At women traveling the world, we have a plenty of options for single travelers who wish to rejuvenate on the land know for spa and spiritual retreats. Visit our website to customize an ideal tour package for you as you hope for a great New Year Bali tour.