Traveling without a companion can be a nerve-wracking experience. We specifically cater to women who wish to find a group travel experience, and we understand the importance of feeling safe when traveling outside of your country and starting new adventures. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the safest countries to visit in Europe. The Institute for Economics and Peace produce an annual report, called the Global Peace Index, listing the safest countries around the world. Out of the top 25 countries listed, 18 locations are in Europe. So despite inflammatory news reports stating the contrary, taking a trip through Europe is one of the safer options for tourists looking to expand their horizons. Here are a few of the safest countries to visit in Europe.

According to the GPI, Iceland is not only the safest country in Europe, it stands as the safest country in the world. The crime rate in Iceland is almost non-existent, with there being one murder in the entire country in 2013. It helps that the country itself is very small, with roughly 350,000 people. Iceland has the lowest murder rate of any European country, and the police don’t even carry guns. Safety aside, Iceland is a full of stunning, natural beauty, from lagoons to fjords, and even volcanoes. Enjoy the warmth of the people and the surreal landscapes, just keep an eye on the weather.

Currently holding the top position on the UN’s World Happiness Report, Denmark is ranked as the 2nd safest country in the world on the GPI. Violent crimes are seldom seen, and even theft and lesser crimes aren’t a common occurrence. One thing to note is to abide by the no-photography rules in certain sections of Christiania in Copenhagen. Aside from that you can snap plenty of pictures of the multi-colored houses or take a ride through the bike-friendly city of Copenhagen.

Coming in at number 3 on the GPI, Austria also has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Some of the popular tourist areas in Austria see instances of pick-pocketing or travel agency scams, but like most Scandinavian countries there are almost never any instances of violence. Austria has a rich history and culture that has drawn travelers there for centuries. Hike or ski the Alps, enjoy a traditional meal in the pubs, and immerse yourself in the landscape that brought you “The Sound of Music”.

Sitting in the shadow of its neighboring country, Spain, Portugal stands as the 5th safest country on the GPI. The rate of violent crime has dropped but issues with petty thievery are still fairly common in the bigger cities, so be sure to take precautions with your valuables when traveling in the bigger tourist areas. Visiting Portugal offers all the perks of a Mediterranean vacation with a greater emphasis on safety. Check out the historic city centers or immerse yourself in the world-famous wine industry. If you are into fitness, Portugal offers some of the best hiking available!

The Czech Republic
Up from 10th place, the Czech Republic hit the number 6 spot on the 2016 GPI. Violent crime is an extreme rarity, and the risk of terrorism or even civil demonstration is non-existent. You can expect some pick-pocketing and other petty crimes in the major cities and tourist areas such as Prague. Otherwise, Prague has been a popular backpacking destination for decades, and the whole country is open to explore since the fall of The Iron Curtain.

With plenty of destinations to choose from, Europe stands as a hotspot for tourists looking for an exciting time and new adventures in their life. You can travel with the peace of mind knowing that 18 of the 25 countries ranked safest in the world reside in the European continent. For special travel tour packages with Women Traveling the World, visit our website or contact us anytime via or (866) 753-1552.