In our last blog post, we talked about how and why female (solo) travel is on the rise. In this blog post, we will delve more into why that is the case by exploring the ways female travel equates to female empowerment. You probably see female travel all over your social media platforms- photogenic women standing in front of Machu Picchu, artsy food pictures throughout Europe and a ton of odes to academic study abroad trips (or not so academic, if you know what we mean). And while the pictures may seem superficial, the experiences behind them certainly aren’t. Traveling is a soulful, empowering experience, for many reasons. One such reason is that travel, especially solo travel, allows for reflection and other emotional sensations and experiences. Traveling makes you think about your own life in a new way, often subconsciously comparing your life to those of the people newly around you. A subsequent feeling of gratitude usually abounds, especially if you are visiting second or third world countries. In addition to this gratitude, women often experience a sensation of empowerment, a subconscious reaction to choosing to do something good for yourself. When you take care of and cherish yourself, your self esteem automatically witnesses improvement. You become someone who is worth it. This is what female travel can allow. But the sensations aren’t all internal.

Travel is also famously good for your body, letting it experience rigor and adventure. As we talked about in the previous blog post, adventure trips, especially those marketing for female travelers, are on the rise. These special adventure trips that offer great opportunities such as hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, parasailing, swimming, boating, hang-gliding and zip-lining offer women a chance to challenge themselves physically. This usually doesn’t occur all that often. Another way female travel leads to empowerment is that it breaks up this monotony of life and gives women a chance to break away from the grind. This leads them to experience value outside of that accompanying the role of worker, mother, wife, daughter, what have you. Travel leads you to realize you are an important person who deserves life-changing, spiritually-fulfilling opportunities. Traveling is so irrevocably spiritual as it leads one to connect with the rest of the world, to cherish other cultures and to explore the age old question of “why are we here?” Women’s travel is especially important as it leads women to feel connected to not just the world as a whole but to the women in the world, specifically. Women’s travel brings together women of different backgrounds, cultures, races, socioeconomic statuses and even more variables. Women come together with many differences but come to understand their shared reality of the human experience and more specifically, the female experience.

This connection is especially sought after in America, where the Girlfriend Getaway Market represents four percent of all U.S. travel spending. Not only does this allow for women to get to know women of other cultures on a deeper level, but when going away with girlfriends, leads women to connect with those women on an even richer level. That’s why girlfriend getaways and singles holidays are the perfect way to bond women together. Travel is an equalizer; it allows women to see each other as they are-in all their natural glory, in all types of moods, at all hours of the day. And the result is astounding.

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