January 16, 2017

Top 5 Sites to see on the Greek Aegean Islands trip

Top 5 Sites to see on the Greek Aegean Islands trip

If you are looking for a Greek journey that will both enlighten and entertain you, then look no further than our trip to the Greek Aegean Islands. This is the land of beauty, adventure, and mystery that has its roots in classic history and human culture. With our tour through Athens, Crete, Greece, Greek Islands, Paros, and Santorini, this is the adventure vacation for singles that won’t disappoint. For some insight into what to expect, here are the top 5 spots to look out for while on your Greek Aegean Islands trip.


The Olympic Stadium

A classic symbol of Athenian culture, the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium is definitely not a place to miss. The stadium is the original site of the Panathenaic games. These were athletic competitions done in tribute to the goddess Athena. Throughout the centuries, the stadium has gone through various constructive evolutions. Since 1896, Stadium has been the site of the new Olympic games that go on to this day. This is the kind of site that helps make the Greek Aegean Islands such a historically iconic destination.


Paros Beaches

If you are skipping out on the Athenian beaches, then you are making a big mistake. A place of simultaneous peace and adventure, both Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are the perfect launch for your fun in the sun. Each beach carries unique attributes that make no two lands the same. These range from the long beach of Agios Ioannis, to the beautiful, crystalline waters of Monastiri.



The village of Naoussa has a little bit for everyone, mostly due to it is a site of beauty and history. Home to authentically preserved sites, Naoussa is home to pretty beaches, churches, museums, and even a live show representing historic pirate raids.


Naxos Island

Definitively the largest Cyclade Island, Naxos is home to several leisurely pleasures, as well as profound archeological sites. From the Chimarros Tower, to the Mycenaean capital of Grotta, history looks more awe-inspiring when you actually see it up close.



This entire Island carries an abundance of cultural memories to be made. Definitely a romantic highlight of the Greek Aegean Islands trip, Santorini offers an ideal adventure vacation for singles. The village of Oia offers beautiful architecture, as well as eateries by the water. The Santorini sunsets, shops, beaches, and museums are all simply to die for! Who knows, you might even meet someone on this watery paradise.


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