Thailand is city of indulgence. The possibilities here are endless. There are surprises at every corner of the country. You never know what gem you may stumble onto. Exploring Thailand will make your heart flutter in excitement. From out of all the ecstatic activities laden here, we have cherry picked a list of activities you should include in your Exotic Thailand Tour Package.

1) Experience Thai Massage – It is globally known to be the most rejuvenating therapy. The art of massaging followed here is a secret that has been passed on from centuries ago. It is said to release the stress trapped within every nerve of your body which invokes new found vigor for stress free living.

2) Take an Elephant Ride – Thailand is land that is blessed with elephants. Riding this adorable giant is exhilarating at its best. Alternatively, you may take some time out to shack in one of the elephant tented camp, where you get a chance to interact with animals.

3) Delirious Island Hopping – Nothing compares to the thrill of island hopping. Thailand has 5, 000 miles stretch of undulating coastline. Jump on a long-tail boat and cruise along the pristine waters to explore the neighbouring islands. Or hire a private kayak and gaze the picturesque beauty of Phuket, Krabi or the coastline of Koi Phan Ngan, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui.

4) Shop at Floating Market – There are three famous floating markets here which are traversed using a rickety wooden boat. As a buyer, you’ll row along the waves to get groceries. Make sure you wear your bargainer’s cap before you surf the market.

5) Try Your Hand at Scuba Diving – Dive into the depth of the ocean to discover the wealth of rare flora and fauna life dwelling underwater. You may encounter elusive aquatic creatures like large pelagics, whale, sea horses, colorful reefs and other marine life.

On your next tour to Thailand, make sure to put these activities in your bucket list. For a gratifying Thailand exotic tour, you can check latest information on