February 27, 2019

Top 5 Things To Do In Morocco To Repair An Ailing Heart

Top 5 Things To Do In Morocco To Repair An Ailing Heart

A Morocco adventure tour for women is a handpicked choice by experts at Women traveling the world. We curate tours that will let you have the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers or enjoy your time in solace. Life can be totally unpredictable and sometimes not being prepared can leave us with a lot of hassle. Besides the financial and situational turmoil it can majorly impact us emotionally. Traveling is therapeutic and a destination like Morocco will only elevate your experience.

Morocco traveling is no leisure, but an intense experience and thus it is highly recommended to be on your cards this year. The gateway to Africa, Morocco is a beautiful mix of ancient and contemporary. As a solo traveler you will find ample things to do which will make your year a memorable one! Let’s begin to discuss the top ten things to do in the city that will not only repair your ailing heart but also give birth to a new you!

1. Fall in love with the Medinas: It will not be incorrect to call the medinas as the heart of each city in Morocco. Get lost in the narrow twisted streets, fountains, mosques, markets and most importantly the authentic Moroccan delicacies. The walled streets encompass the soul of Africa. Be safe and stick with the people as the place might turn like a maze;

2. The Atlas: Trekking has been a favorite for travelers who take their traveling experiences too seriously. The rough and tricky trekking paths will make you forget all your troubles. The Atlas Mountains are stretched over 1,500 miles from the West Coast of Morocco all the way to Tunisia. The best time to hike is April to May;

3. Mosques of Morocco: Casablanca is no less beautiful experience than the cinematic one, which I am sure we all have experienced. It is a vintage experience to be in the ancient city of Casablanca. The Hassan 2 Mosque is a major attraction for tourists. It is the largest mosque in Africa and 5th largest in the world;

4. Try your hands at cooking: The Moroccan houses and kitchens offer cooking classes in cities like Marrakesh and Fez. Buy the raw products from the local markets and then cook your desire. The west-inspired cafe is popular for its big and yummy camel burger;

5. Wanderlusting in Kasbah les Oudaias: This mystical beauty is located in Rabat in the most ancient part of the city. The picturesque place is set amidst the narrow winding streets and white houses. You can soak in the tranquility of the place with the views of rivers and oceans;

Besides, these top places there are many destinations in Morocco that one might want to travel to unleash a happier and brighter you! Visit our website https://womentravelingtheworld.com/ to know more such travel destinations and align your ravel goals with us!

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