She walks barefoot on the land and swims naked in the sea,

She flies high like a bird coz traveling solo is just her cup of tea!

Greece Islands Mediterranean tours is a dream travel for many and one of the bestselling tour package by travel companies globally. The cultural discovery of the place is the fundamental intent of all who want to travel to the island. The Mediterranean basin comprises of a varied geographical location that offers a versatile experience to the travelers. The sandy beaches, rocky shores, dense scrubs, coastal wetlands and a throng of islands across the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean basin stretches until the western Asia, covering the western and southern parts of the Turkish peninsula.

Greece was an interception for several civilizations that left its traces behind which led to an enhanced cultural scapes of the place. This can be traced everywhere; whether it is the natural terrains or the man-made structures. Mesmerizing architecture, locals amidst the daily chores of activities, customs & traditions can be found in every corner of the land and has been noticed to be a favorite as a travel for single women. The museums and antique collection of artifacts & architecture can be found in every nook and corner. There is an elite side to Greek Islands besides the trace of civilization that you will find in the lush resorts and hotels at the place. With women travelling the world, get a customized travel package for a solo travel or a group of women travelers. This will also increase your chance to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends.

Greece- an all time classic; from the birth place of Olympics and the capital city of Athens to the everlasting tale being narrated by the Greek islands. The sun, food and people about Greece will re-instill your faith in love.

Let’s take you through the list of things that one must do while trodding on the Greek island:

1. There’s nothing like savoring the foods and drinks offered at the Greek cafes: If you visit Greece, make sure to ask for local barreled wine, which is not just cheap but also offers the best taste for the Greek spirit;

2. Indulge in Island Hopping: Instead of trekking on a single island go island hopping as you explore islands. As you begin to do so, you will unearth several natural marvels hidden on the island;

3. Acknowledge the cultural sensitivity of the place: Be sure to preserve the cultural habits of the place and hold a sensitive heart at abiding by them;

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