Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. To experience another culture, another atmosphere and way of life, is akin to expanding a part of the soul. The mission of Women Traveling the World is to extend travel opportunities to women who don’t have a travel buddy in their lives so that they can experience all the richness that travel has to offer. We believe that nobody should be held back from travel just because they are hesitant to travel alone. So, here’s why you should throw hesitation out the window, be adventurous, and try a solo female travel group.

Solo Female Travel Groups Provide Safety

One of the main reasons women may be hesitant to travel alone is fear of being vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. We’ve all seen the headlines or heard the stories that proclaim it is unsafe for women to travel alone in foreign countries. While we wouldn’t say that traveling alone will definitely put women in harm’s way, we understand the worry. A great benefit of solo female travel groups is that they allow solo women to take the trips they’ve always wanted while traveling with a group. This puts a lot of minds at rest about appearing vulnerable. Traveling with a group also means not having to worry about not speaking the native language or getting lost. There’s strength in numbers, and we’ve found that traveling in a group empowers many women to take the adventure they’ve always dreamed of.

The Guidance Provided  is Invaluable

Coming up with an itinerary for a foreign country on your own is daunting, to say the least. Some people simply don’t want to spend hours looking at travel sites and determining the sights that are most worth visiting. Solo female travel groups will provide a predetermined itinerary that will lay out all the best things to do without you having to do any of the work. Travel guides will have visited the destination many times before and know all the best spots to hit before it’s time to go home. The best part? While an itinerary is set beforehand, these types of groups often offer optional excursions for extra fun, so you can customize your trip to do only the activities you want to participate in.

Making New Friends

When you travel with a group of solo female travelers, friendships are inevitably made. The women in these groups are adventurous and fun- and they all have something in common- that sense of wanderlust that can’t be stifled. Imagine going on a hike in the breathtaking mountains of New Zealand– then taking a gondola ride to Mount Ngongotaha and stopping to have a glass of wine with your new travel buddies. The bonds made on these trips last lifetimes because the shared experiences create such wonderful memories.

The goal of Women Traveling the World is to get women to shed their fears of solo travel and get out there and see the world. Don’t let your lack of a travel buddy stop you from experiencing the beauty that other countries have to offer! We offer trips all around the world, so we know there’s something for everybody. Take a look at the current trips we have available and start looking forward to your next adventure!