Discover the best things about life as a solo traveler and the best place to begin is the World. Traveling groups for women is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe wherein like-minded solo women travelers begin their trell in groups. Women traveling the world welcome women who are looking to explore and enjoy unique travel experiences across the globe. Besides, they also get to meet new people who they might end up having a long lasting friendship with. The customized tours offered at Women traveling the world include handpicked destination, itineraries and stays. One of these handpicked destinations is the Spain highlight tour.

What comes to your mind when you think about Spain? Classic, sophisticated, aristocratic and historic are some of the legendary terms used to describe Spain. The country is more diverse than one has ever imagined. The soul of the land is framed with the most picturesque landscapes. Mountain ranges, snow capped hills, sun baked plains and sparkling shores of the Mediterranean will leave you awestruck. The diversity in its landscapes has caused emergence of several regional and ethnic groups. The villages are timelessly beautiful and a reason that will make you fall in love with the place.

The authentic culinaries from Spain have long obsessed the world, especially, its wine and tasteful delicacies. The food they cook in Spain is varied and prepared with traditional spices. Gastronomical tract will surely experience an exciting ride with simply the best options and will throughout be a major attraction on your Spain highlight tour. The authenticity in culinaries and culture is because of the immense perseverance by which the Spanish have preserved the culture. The innate willingness of the people to profoundly preserve the tradition has open roads for travelers who find great inspiration and thrill in exploring its heritage.

On your tailor made tour with women traveling the world visit the ancient museums, art galleries and centers. Wander through the streets to visit the great Catalan architects Antoni Gaudi and Lluis Domenech I Montaner that have been declared as the as the world heritage Sites by UNESCO. Visit our website to know more about the travel to Spain or write to us at: