July 17, 2015

5 Healthy Advantages to Traveling Alone

5 Healthy Advantages to Traveling Alone

Traveling alone has such a bad rap, here we have presented 5 examples as to how traveling alone can be one of the best experiences of anyone’s life!


1. Surprise VIP treatment

What happens when we are the only one to sign up for a group tour or activity? We might inadvertently end up on a private tour despite paying a group tour price!

Sure, some group travel companies might have minimum quotas to meet before running a tour, and some will charge you a bit more if you’re the only one, but occasionally we’ll get to enjoy a group tour as the sole customer.
That means that if it’s a surfing or rock-climbing lesson, we will have 100% of the instructor’s attention — we can learn so much faster. On a history  or art-oriented tour, we will be able to have an in-depth conversation with our guide instead of getting a group lecture. If it’s a one-person-at-a-time activity like zip-lining, we’ll be able to hop from line to line without waiting for everyone else to go!


2. Reading Voraciously

If a traveler doesn’t read as much as they used to but wish they could pick up the habit again, solo travel is the perfect opportunity!

When you travel with a companion, naturally, you will always be talking. When you are traveling solo, you’ll have a lot of time to fill. You could spend that time engrossed on your phone, scrolling through Facebook  posts, or reading a good book.


3. Time for Reflection and Self-Knowledge

The beauty of solo travel is time. Time to be alone; time to reflect; time to test one’s self. Granted, sometimes that’s uncomfortable. Sometimes, we simply feel lonely and awkward, but recognizing those feelings and learning to overcome them is all part of the process. We get to know ourselves in a new way, test ourselves in new situations. After weeks of camping in remote places, we feel serene in peaceful silence. We feel refreshed. How often do most of us allow ourselves to spend quality time alone?


4. Confidence

The more we challenge ourselves; the more we stretch ourselves and the bigger our world becomes. We can learn how to navigate in a strange city, build a campfire, learn a language. Overcome one obstacle, and we meet the next more confidently. Now, when seeds of self-doubt spring up, one needs to remind themselves, “Well, we have come this far, what’s the big deal?”


5. Encountering New People

Traveling alone doesn’t mean that we will stay in solitude, not by any means. In fact, solo travelers tend to meet more new people when they are on their own, rather than when they travel with somebody.

We are free! We are not bound to spend time with certain people because we happen to have come to this place with each other. We are free like a bird and can mingle, find new dance partners, sit next to new people, interact and start conversations with whomever we want.

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