The colorful Thailand is all set to dive in the new colors in the season of festivals. With Pakpanang food and boat racing, Khao Dinsor’s falcon Festival and Wonderfruit Music and arts Festival around the corner; it’s the best time to plan Single woman travel on the spectacular land.

Women traveling the world can customize your idealized travel package or arrange for solo group women travelers to Thailand. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds; you can have the fun that one has in a group and also enjoy your solo time. Women traveling the world has been arranging similar travel packages for women since some time now and has managed to form a chain of single woman travel around the world. They have a couple of handpicked destinations and itineraries and your dream vacation is undoubtedly in safe hands.

Thailand homes some of the mightiest waterfall and has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Also, there are multiple rainforests. There are several other tourist places near Thailand such as, Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and Bangkok. Despite the fact that Thailand is a highly commercial tourist spot, there are also several places that are perfect to find solace by the solo woman travelers. The picturesque beauty on the land becomes even beautiful with the arrival of the season of festivals;


1. Wonderfruit Music & Arts Festivals:
(Mid-December festival)
The festival lays immense emphasis on the importance of sustainability and become socially responsible. The key element of celebrations at the festival are: music, art, workshops along with the banquets by some well renowned chefs. The foundation of this world famous festival was laid by a Thai based production company- ‘Scratch first’ n 2014. To feature a sustainable environment as a motto of the festival, Wonderfruit encourages the use of biodegradable and environment friendly products. You can also visit the creative farms onsite and explore some distinctive organic food. The six featured elements at Wonderfruit Festivals are: Arts, Music, family, farm to feasts, wellness & adventures and talks & workshops.

2. Khao Dinsor’s Falcon Festival:
(Sept- Nov festival)
The Events and festivals in Thailand are multi facet. The land believes in celebrating its natural heritage and mystical treasures of nature. An example to showcase this belief of theirs is the Khao Dinsor’s Falcon Festival celebrated. The multi variant species of falcon escape the cold weather of Siberia and fly towards the Malay Peninsula en route Chumphon for their breeding purpose in between September to November annually.

3. Vegetarian Festival:
It is a colorful event that is celebrated and is renowned worldwide. There are a plenty of fruit stalls and hubs of all kind all over the festival. You can taste a variety of sample meat and other items that you otherwise will find rarely. There are multiple stalls, vendors and a parade of the cultural insight of Thailand is a highlight of the Festival.

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