June 21, 2018

Experience the “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica Nature and Adventure Tours

Experience the “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica Nature and Adventure Tours

The small territory of Costa Rica with its “Pura Vida” way of living is an ideal destination for group travel for single women. It has a sprawling eco tourism flourishing on its land because of its diverse flora & Fauna and the gasping beauty of nature. “Pura Vida” or simple or happy living has been used to describe Costa Rica for over 50 years now. Apart from its ecotourism due to its natural terrains, the place invests a lot in the education of its citizens. Solo women travelers should not miss a chance to experience and travel across one of the happiest countries on Earth.

Costa Rica nature and adventure tours is the most popular and distinct tour package offered for single women travelers by Women Traveling The World. The place is full of natural escapes that will stay as fresh as their beauty in your memories for a lifetime, but, besides, there are also other factors that make Costa Rica a chosen tourist spot for women travel groups.

The Costa Rica Journey for women Solo travels…

• You cannot imagine traveling a place completely unless you know its people and culture. The Costa Ricans or Ticos are happy and helpful people. With regular tourists visiting their land they are ever ready to make the travelers feel at home. They believe in “Pure Living”, and their belief can be traced in the ethnic art forms, cuisines, sculptures and natural preservation of the flora and fauna.

• The eco diverse stretch of land is full of beaches. Along the pacific one can easily spot dolphins. You can also enjoy some water sports or just chill while you paddle board across the water body;

• Trek your way to the volcano mountain, as you cherish the amazing view o the quite unique turquoise waters and waterfall which is a result of the chemicals that originate in the inactive volcanic mountain. Also the site offers other attractions like hot water springs, hanging bridges located amidst vast expanse of lush greenery, beautiful gardens and flowers;

• Prepare yourself for the rain forest mountain trek where you shall be astounded by its natural beauty with several varieties of flora from every corner. The rain forest national parks are home to several exotic wildlife and endangered species.

• Enjoy a boat ride that led to tree lined roads taking you to the mystical cloud forests. You will be placed beyond and amidst the clouds as the scenic view from an elevation will let you soak in the priceless beauty.

Women traveling the world have been quite a favorite amongst Single women travelers. With its exemplary destination selection of Costa Rica, you would not want to miss on this opportunity. Write to them at: info@womentravelingtheworld.com or dial (866) 753 1552.

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