May 17, 2019

Know the 5 Must Haves in Morocco for Adventure Tours for Women

Know the 5 Must Haves in Morocco for Adventure Tours for Women

As a traveler it is highly recommended for you to know the exact list of items you need to bring with you. It is not advised to carry a huge suit case with unnecessary items. Also, when in Rome do as the Romans do and hence, it is ideal to pick and choose your dressing to bring as few items as possible.

Morocco is the place of Nomads and about appreciating the ancient way of living. It gives you the special way of living in the preserved Moroccan style. The land is famous for the timeless beauty bounded in its cities like, Marrakech, the Ochre city and the mesmerizing Casablanca! Meet the locals and taste the local cuisines, ride a camel across the dunes and explore all that Morocco has to offer. As your  journey coincides with being close to the Moroccan culture, it is important to know several cultural aspects of the land in order to enjoy it fully!

Don’t worry, by the end of this blog you will know the 5 must haves to carry on for your women’s travel group to morocco.

1. What to wear in Morocco? Choosing what to wear in conservative countries is difficult yet important to understand. Navigate yourself towards a strict cultural land with ease by accepting some simple tricks. It is always advised to avoid any unwanted circumstance of disrespecting the cultural traditions of the place as a tourist. It is a gesture of respect to keep your knees and shoulders covered. Also, wearing a head scarf will save you from unwanted attention.

2. Sunglasses/Hat/ Sun block: Wear sunscreen at all times to fight the harsh rays of the sun. Wearing a hat and sunglasses will help you keep your eyes protected. Also, these accessories will only add to your overall attire and complete your look.

3. Kaftan/long sleeves tops/tunics: It is no surprise if I tell how cute they look! Not only do they look good, these are extremely comfy and travel friendly. It will also save you from the hassles of saving your skin from the sun and heat.

4. Swimming attire: Marrakech has some excellent swimming pools in its extravagant hotels and you surely don’t want to miss out on that.

5. Pants: Try and keep pastels or colorful flowy pants that you can mix and match with your tops. They will keep you cool and comfy the whole day while still making you look amazing!

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