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Top 4 Reasons Why Traveling to South Africa Needs to Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

South Africa is a country filled with one of a kind attractions, cities, and landscapes. Here we are going to touch base on 4 reasons why everyone should travel to South Africa at least once in their lifetime. (Once one visits South Africa, we agree, it surely will not be the last time)

1. Captivating foods, and activities- When in South Africa, don’t worry too much when it comes to finances, just focus on enjoying time while there. The U.S dollar goes a long way in this country. Many restaurants in South Africa serve authentic South African cuisine at very affordable prices for the nomadic traveler who is a foodie at heart. Wine tasting is also a very popular activity in this particular part of the world. South African cuisine and wine, it doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to culturally dining out! Talk about going a long way for some one of a kind eats!

2. Cultural Diversity- One of the many reasons South Africa has become such a popular place for a traveler to visit is because people who travel yearn for culture. South African culture is different than any other culture we have ever experienced anywhere else on this planet. It is entirely unique to itself. Nearly 52 million people make up the South African population. This is a highly diverse country. Big cities in South Africa have often been compared to Chicago or New York because there are a multitude of different ethnicities in one common place. There are a whopping total of 11 different languages spoken throughout the South African land! Many of those languages actually being derived from native tribes, making it not only a cultural hot spot, but an overall culture based on the foundation of unity as well.

3. Awe-striking views and enjoyable weather- South Africa is over 470,000 square miles of breath taking coastline, exciting inner cities, and extensive farmland. When visiting South Africa you will be exposed to the ever so popular umbrella thorn trees, rolling mountains, and lush, green fields. South Africa is home to many observation lookouts as well. Always allowing us, from wherever we are, to experience the beauty of this land, extensively. The weather in South Africa is absolutely pristine. A pleasant refreshing year-round averaging temperature in the low to upper 70’s during the day, whilst dropping to the comfortable low 40’s pending the arrival of the sunset and late evening.

4. South Africa’s History- South Africa is a country drenched in history. Many a historians’ tour South Africa to meet their historical accuracy necessity, as well as the traveling nomad. The sheer pride of the South African people is shown throughout their country with beautifully erected monuments that celebrate the country’s tumultuous yet absolutely inspiring liberation movement. It is (hands down) a destination to visit if you need a bit of inspiration. South Africa is a country visited by travelers from all over the world. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years to visit this destination. Everyone should travel to this country at least once in their lifetime, but for the many people of South Africa, this is the beautiful place that they call home.

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