April 16, 2017

Top 5 Essentials you need for any trip

Top 5 Essentials you need for any trip

For all of you passengers just starting your trip, there is plenty to be excited about. Our singles vacation packages feature several unique sites and journeys. But whether you are on your way to India or Alaska, there are a few essential items that you should carry no matter where you go. Here are some of these key items.

Swiss Army Knife

Just having this is perfect for any occasion. Whether or not you need a tool to assist you in some unforeseen circumstance, you can never go wrong with a Swiss army knife. Just be sure that you let security know that you carry it before going through the metal detector.

Zip-storage bags

How many times have you gotten a souvenir and had nowhere to put it? Bringing along a few zip storage bags will save you loads of time on your trip. Whether you carry a purse, small bag, or a fanny pack, the zip storage bags are always a big convenience. Be sure to bring varying sizes just in case. You never know what kinds of unique items you will find on our singles vacation packages.

Hand Sanitizer

As beautiful as the scenery is on our vacation tours for singles, you also don’t necessarily want to be touching everything you come across. But then again, if you want to feel the texture of caves, buildings, and plants, then it would be wise to bring along some hand sanitizer. Since hand sanitizer can be quite addicting, be sparing when you carry small bottles.


This is mostly a precaution in case you come across areas with harsh weather. You’d be surprised by how many times the weather can just sneak up on you. Carrying a fold-out poncho is great for full-body protection. However, if the only real chance of getting wet is from light rain or drizzle, then you can just have an umbrella handy. It is generally a good idea to carry both though.


Why would you be even going on this trip if you weren’t trying to make some new memories? The beautiful scenery and amazing people you see are worth some creative inspiration. Having a notebook on hand to jot down thoughts and images will only help invite your mind to go deeper into the journey. For the more artistically inclined, a small sketchpad would be a good idea as well. Just be sure to have it in a protectable package (i.e. zip storage bag).

Live freely

There are far more essential items you could have on your upcoming trip. But then again, you don’t really need to be captain-prepared all of the time. It is good to have essential items like your cell phone, walkie-talkies, and medicine. But you don’t necessarily have to bring five bottles of hand sanitizer. Learn to live free and discover happy accidents. After all, that is the whole point of our singles vacation packages: discovering new experiences.

Further Resources

For more information on our future vacation tours for singles, please see our upcoming tours page. For any information not found on our website, please contact us here. Our vacation tours for singles will be sure to present a few pleasant surprises.

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