February 16, 2017

Top 5 sites to see on the Iceland Summer Grand Circle Tour

Top 5 sites to see on the Iceland Summer Grand Circle Tour

Ah, Summer. The hot light in the sky and sunscreen in the air. Although that is often comforting, sometimes the constant expectation of the familiar beach can be a little much. If you are looking for summer vacation tours for singles that are a little more exciting, then do we have a trip for you. It is time to journey with us on the Iceland Summer Grand Circle Tour! Come with us and travel to areas that seem to pop straight out of your storybook dreams. Here are the Top 5 highlights to look forward to on your Icelandic adventure.

The Blue Lagoon

Come on! That literally just sounds like something out of a fantasy. The Blue Lagoon is a well-loved destination. A natural geothermal pool, the Blue Lagoon contains warm (that’s right, you heard me) water that is a rejuvenation paradise. The rich minerals in the Blue Lagoon create a new definition of the word “Relaxation.” When it comes to goals for vacation tours for singles, this is definitely the place you need to be.

The Hraunfossar Waterfall

The famed “Lava Falls”, this majestic waterfall is as captivating as it is large (only hundreds of meters wide). The twisting and splashing creases on the rocks are all formed from a previously erupted volcano. Just looking at the waterfall gives a beautiful implication of the beauty of nature’s constantly evolving story.

The Geysir geothermal fields

I bet you didn’t expect to see so many warm environments up in Iceland, did you? Although the original geyser is gone, there are plenty of hot springs and exciting geysers to see. And although the original one is gone, it was replaced by a Strokkur “the Churn” (which erupts every 5-10 minutes), leaving an exciting geyser sight in its place.

Skaftafell National Park

This is not your ordinary park. Home to both incredible mountains and wonderful glaciers, the old Skaftafell National Park is nearly 5.000 km2. Not only does it contain peaceful, snow mountains, but Skaftafell is also home to active volcanoes! What a sight!

Reynisfjara black lava beach

An awe-inspiring paradise, Reynisfjara contains many great sites. It is home to one of the most incredible black lava beaches you will ever lay eyes on. Not only that, but it is a great area for surfing, as well as seeing lovely birds such as the puffins! They are beyond cute.


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