Galapagos Island Cruise, Quito Ecuador

A trip to the Galápagos Islands is an experience of a lifetime, the history and mystery of the islands will inspire you to understand more about this amazing ecological system. This isolated group of volcanic islands spans 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean, it has on almost mythological status as a showcase of biodiversity which inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Most of the islands are void of vegetation and it is with this lunar landscape, that makes this one of the most amazing places on Earth. The Galápagos Islands comprise a mysterious landscape of land and sea with some of the most unusual wildlife found anywhere on Earth.

With the lack of natural predators, the Galápagos animals are completely fearless of humans, and this is possibly the only place in the world, where you can see such diverse wildlife. You can snorkel with sea lions and penguins, walk with the giant tortoises, view a wide variety of birds such as the blue footed boobies. Walk the beaches lined with sea lions. On Board: Swimming pool, gym, game room, library, 24-hour medical service, laundry service, piano lounge, well-stocked bars, massage room, observation decks, sun decks, chill out zone.

The Main focus of this tour is the abundant biodiversity and the geological wonders of the Galápagos Islands, also highlighted by exploring the Capitol city of Quito, Ecuador and its history and color.

There will be an extension tour to the Amazon after the cruise to go deep into the jungles and wilderness of this biodiverse area.

Day 1: October 29 Tuesday – Arrive in Quito, Ecuador. There are no planned activities this day. Arrive at the airport and then have a private transfer to your hotel. For those who may arrive early in the day you can enjoy Quito at your leisure or book an optional tour.
Dinner at leisure tonight
Hotel La Casona del a Ronda for 2 nights.

Day 2: October 30 – Enjoy a guided tour of Quito

Today we tour the capital city of Quito. Offering native South American traditions interwoven with European culture and Catholic religion, Quito offers a fascinating mix of monumental Spanish gothic and baroque cathedrals and churches set against the modern, gleaming skyscrapers. We will visit such sites as the Independence Square flanked by the Presidential and the Archbishop’s palaces from the 13th and 14th century, the Moorish-styled Metropolitan Cathedral, the baroque Jesuit Church and Convent, and Plaza of San Francisco. We will stop at the “Middle of the World” site and the Equator Monument situated at 0º0’0” latitude, where an 18th century multinational expedition located the Equator and established for the first time the Earth’s accurate measurements.
Remainder of the day an evening at leisure to explore on your own. (B)

Day 3: October 31 – Depart Quito for Baltra Island to board the Boat

Depart the hotel and transfer to the Quito airport for the flight to Baltra Island. Transfer to the boat then set sail for the first stop. Arriving at Mosquera Islet located between North Seymour and Baltra Island. This flat, sandy island has a large colony of sea lions. It is also an excellent site to observe shorebirds such as herons and lava gulls. There is no trail on the islet, you can enjoy the open area. Most of the islet is covered with sand and barren lava rock. Very little plants grow on the sand. Opportunity to go snorkeling today. (L, D)

Day 4: November 1 – Santiago Island: Egas Port & Rabida Island

AM – This morning we depart and sail to Santiago Island: Egas Port Wet landing. Egas Port is a black volcanic sand beach, visited by Darwin in 1835. The first section of the trail is formed of volcanic ash (eroded tuff) and the other half is an uneven terrain of volcanic basaltic rock. The unique, truly striking layered terrain of Santiago shore is home to a variety of animals including the bizarre, yellow-crowned night heron and marine wildlife including lobster, starfish and marine iguanas grazing on algae beds alongside Sally light-foot crabs. It is easy to see colonies of endemic fur seals swimming in cool water volcanic rock pools.

PM – Rabida Island: Wet landing. Dark-red sand covers the unique beaches of this island, home of sea lion colonies; Rabida is considered the epicenter of the Galapagos Islands due to the diversity of its volcanic geology. Nesting brown pelicans are found from July through September plus nine species of the famous Darwin’s finches. Here a dinghy ride along marine cliffs is done to observe nesting seabirds. Snorkel off the coast, where marine life is particularly active. (B,L,D)

Day 5: November 2 – Isabela Island: Urbina Bay and Tagus Cove

AM – Urbina Bay (Isabela Island): Wet landing. On the volcanic black beach depending on the season it is possible to find giant tortoises, land iguanas, and the unusual flightless cormorant. After a short walk inland it´s snorkeling time, a chance to swim with sea turtles, sea lions, and countless tropical fish. Urbina Bay features a wide variety of plants with a different range of colors in flowers, attracting different insects, birds, and reptiles. One of the highlights of the island is the uplifted coral reef that resulted from the 1954 seismic activity; here the views of Alcedo Volcano are remarkable. When navigating from Urbina to Tagus Cove whale watching is usual in May – December.

PM – Tagus Cove (Isabela Island): Dry landing on Galapagos’ largest island where we will learn about the eruption of the five volcanoes that formed it. The trail leads to Darwin’s salt-water crater lake with excellent views of lava fields and volcanic formations. We will return for a dinghy ride along a shoreline full of marine wildlife, where we will admire a variety of seabirds, such as blue-footed booby, brown noddy, terns, the flightless cormorant, and depending on the season, a large number of Galapagos Penguins which are only 35 cm tall; the only penguin species in the world to live in the tropics. The population of penguins on the islands is about 2,000 individuals, most of which live on this western portion of Isabela; others are scattered further south. We will have an opportunity to snorkel here. (B,L,D)

Day 6: November 3 – Fernandina Island: Espinoza Point & Isabela Island: Vicente Roca

AM – Espinosa Point (Fernandina Island): Dry landing. From Espinosa Point, is possible to admire a wide view of Isabela Island across the Bolivar Channel, an area that boasts some of the highest diversity of endemic sea fauna in the Galapagos. Here the largest, most primitive-looking marine iguanas are found mingling with sea lions and Sally Lightfoot crabs. Fernandina displays a wonderful opportunity to encounter flightless cormorants at their nesting sites, Galapagos penguins and the “King” of predators on the islands, the Galapagos hawk. Pa-hoe-hoe and AA lava formations cover the majority of Fernandina terrain. Vegetation is scarce inland, with few cacti. In the shore, mangrove can be found.

PM – Vicente Roca Point (Isabela Island): Great deep-water snorkeling at one of the richest marine havens on Earth, the Bolivar Channel. Accessible by water, we take a dinghy ride along the coast to observe a great diversity of sea and coastal birds; Nazca and blue-footed boobies, noddies, brown pelicans, penguins, flightless cormorants. The upwelling of cold-water currents in this part of the Galapagos gives rise to an abundance of marine life, a perfect place for deep snorkeling. (B,L,D)

Day 7: November 4 – Santa Cruz Island: Highlands – Depart to Quito

AM – Highlands Tortoise Reserve (Santa Cruz Island): Dry landing. In the mountains of the Galapagos, it is possible to admire different kinds of birds, such as tree and ground finches, vermillion flycatchers, paint-billed crakes, yellow warblers, and cattle egrets. The journey to the reserve offers great opportunities to see the contrasts that the island offers in reference to the variety of ecosystems. The road goes from the coast through the agricultural zone and straight up to the dense humid forests. Often, Galapagos Giant Tortoises are also seen on the way, wandering through pastures in the paddocks. This spot is a birdwatchers’ haven since almost every land bird present on the island lives or migrates here.

PM – Baltra Island Airport: After the visit, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight to Quito. Flights arrive Quito at 4:15 PM (B,L)

Cruise Cost:

Standard Plus Stateroom: (Outside porthole) $4203.00   Single Supplement: $1483.00

Junior Suite: (Outside with window) $4646.00 Single Supplement: $1676.00

Balcony Suite: (Outside with Balcony) $5299.00 Single Supplement: $1958.00

Deposit required is 20% based on the cabin you choose

Booking/final payment due 60 days prior to departure


  • 4 nights cruise
  • 2 Pre nights in Quito
  • Galapagos Entry fee and tourist card
  • Quito Guided City Tour
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transfers hotel to Quito airport for cruise
  • Arrival airport transfers Quito airport – hotel
  • R/T Transfer in Baltra airport to boat
  • Full Board meals while on the cruise
  • Galapagos Park entry fee and Required tourist card
  • Naturalist Guide on the boat
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Welcome gift
  • Hotel taxes
  • R/T flight from Quito – Baltra – Baltra – Quito

Not Included:

    • International airfare. You will fly into Quito, Ecuador. We can arrange airfare for you
    • Meals not listed in itinerary
    • Room charges such as calls, mini bar, laundry, room service
    • Travel insurance
    • Airport transfers if arriving outside of the group travel dates
    • Guide gratuities
    • Additional tours or activities not listed
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Visitors going to Ecuador require a current passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Ecuador.  Citizens of the US, Canada, UK and Australia do not require a visa to enter Ecuador. Before traveling abroad it’s a good idea to make two photocopies of your passport, your driver’s license and your credit cards. Leave one copy at home with a friend or family member and bring one with you.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador is 5 hours behind GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and it does not observe daylight saving time, Quito is in the same time zone as New York or EST.

Ecuador is located right on the Equator so you should be prepared for warm weather. However, Quito is located at 10,000 feet, so it is never very warm there, and it has mild. Expect daytime temperatures of the high 60’s with cooler evenings in the high 40’s. In the Galápagos Island November is the dry season. Expect daytime temperatures around the high 70’s and evenings around low 70’s. The sun is still intense due due the equator location.

The official unit of currency in Ecuador is the U.S. dollar. You can use American or Ecuadorean coins, both of which come in denominations of 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and 50¢. Otherwise, all the currency is in the paper form of American dollars. It can be hard to make change, especially for any bill over $10, and especially in taxis. Have small bills available. Credit cards are accepted by most shops and restaurants however check with your credit card company regarding foreign exchange fees. You will also have a better chance making deals at local shops if paying with cash.
Amex is NOT always accepted so have a Visa or MC with you.

The majority of outlets in Ecuador are standard North American style two- and three-prong electric outlets with 110-120V AC (60 Hz) current.

All goods and services are charged a 12% value-added tax. Hotels and restaurants also add on a 10% service charge, for a total of 22% more on your bill. There is an airport departure tax of $40.00 from Quito, although it is usually included in the airfare cost. Please confirm with your airline.

No vaccinations are officially required of travelers to Ecuador, unless you are arriving from a country that has reported cases of yellow fever, such as Panama.  As a tropical South American country, Ecuador presents certain health risks and issues. The most common ailments for visitors to Ecuador are diarrhea and altitude sickness. If you are affected by altitude sickness, you may experience headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, and a tendency to tire easily. If you are experiencing these problems, try to rest, abstain from alcohol, and drink a lot bottled water. To help alleviate the symptoms, you can also take acetazolamide (Diamox); consult your doctor for more information. Be very careful about eating food purchased from street vendors. Foreign visitors to Ecuador should drink only bottled water. Do not drink tap water, even in major hotels.

Average to Above Average – This trip has a descent amount of activity. At each stop you will be walking quite a bit on the dirt or uneven ground. At each port on the cruise we will have either a “Dry” or “Wet” landing. Dry means the tender pulls up to a dock and wet means you get off the tender and step into the shallow waters. To be able to fully enjoy the tour and participate in scheduled activities, you need to be able to walk, at a leisurely pace, up to 3 or 4 miles on some days. There is swimming and snorkeling available most days. You should be able to stand unassisted for up to 30 minutes at times during the tours. You will need be able to keep up with the group without any assistance. At times you will need manage your own luggage. This trip is pretty easy for the average person however if you can’t or choose not to participate in certain activities this is at your own discretion. However, it cannot affect the groups participation nor can any tours or activities or refunds be offered or changed due to an individual not being able or not wanting to participate.

The following items are suggested to help make your tour run smoothly.

Good walking shoes, hiking tennis shoes or hiking sandals. Shoes that can get wet and are quick dry are best. Get these on Amazon. Travel purse with a shoulder strap, small backpack to use during the day for hikes. Refillable Water Bottle, P. J’s, Light weight sweater or jacket for cool evenings. Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suite, cover up. Quick dry shorts, T shirts.

All toiletries needed to a minimum. Hotels provide hair dryers, soap, shampoo, sometimes conditioner. Clothing needs to be warm weather clothing, Evenings are cooler.  For Day:  leggings, shorts, bathing suites, long and short sleeved tops. Many days you are walking so bring comfortable stretchy clothes and layers to protect against sun. Evening is casual with pants, jeans, long or short sleeved tops, casual dresses. Dressing in layers is always good.

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Any tours, meals, activities or otherwise stated for each individual tour.
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