It’s vital as a woman to make sure we are prepared. It’s in our nature. Our anxiety is usually not so much about the Trip as it is if we are prepared. I like to compare packing as to going into combat.  What will I need? Who will I encounter? What events? Weather?  Outfits! It’s enough to drive me crazy. I have developed some packing tips for the woman who loves to travel.  Here are the tips to help you pack and feel prepared for wherever the journey may take you.

10 Packing & Travel Tips for Single Women

  1. Travel Plans/Itinerary
    Organization is the key to efficient traveling. With organizations such as Women Traveling the World you can be confident your itinerary and travel accommodations and preparations are streamlined and packaged.
  2. Weather
    Check weather the week before you travel and follow predictions for the week of travel. This helps with wardrobe choices and accessories.
  3. Wardrobe
    Pack 2-3 outfits per travel day. One for day/night and an optional if you aren’t in the mood for either. If you are adventurous make sure to pack appropriate clothes for activities. ALWAYS travel with a pair of sneakers. Sightseeing and exploring requires a lot of walking.
  4. Events
    Plan your trip, just don’t wing… Get a schedule for sightseeing, exploring, concerts, museums, shows, or any way to submerge yourself in the culture. Take it all in.
  5. Travel Guide/Places to Go
    Get recommendations from people who have been where you are going. Keep asking.. Keep comparing.. and narrow down. Get restaurant and local food suggestions. Let others be your travel guide.
  6. Accessories
    Best Accessories for travel- Pen and Pad, Great Book, Camera, folding raincoat, sunglasses, large wallet for passports and travel/ lodging information.
  7. Accommodations
    Referrals from travel agency or family of friends are a great way of feeling comfortable before you travel. If you trust them trust their recommendations. Ask questions and ask for input from professionals.
  8. Preparations
    Educate, Organize, Expedite, and always enjoy!
  9. Capture the Memories
    Take pictures, journal, buy memorabilia, and create an everlasting experience with your travel mates.
  10. Write A Review
    Share your story by recording your own experience to inform others of where to go and what to do.