June 26, 2019

Why Should You Visit South Africa in 2019?

Why Should You Visit South Africa in 2019?

While Africa as a whole has been for long recognized as one of the backward continents in the world, South Africa has fought through the odds and extremities to become one of the most consistent and fast developing nations in the world today. Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, the country is rapidly growing as a popular international travel destination as it is home to a bountiful species of flora & fauna, world’s first art galleries, entertainment venues, sports arenas and restaurants. From snow-capped mountains to semi-arid regions, travellers get to witness incredible variety in nature and biodiversity. Boasting of a rich and diverse culture, there are over 11 widely used languages and Christianity is a widely accepted form of religion.

As a solo women traveller, whether you want a beach vacation, exotic itinerary or a Safari experience, you can plan one of the most exquisite South Africa tours this year with Women Traveling The World. The travel website offers top quality itineraries that include handpicked destinations to visit, stay and explore to make your solo travel the most memorable one of your life. There are also several tailor-made packages to suit your custom needs as they curate the best vacation for you in groups or as a solo traveler.

Places to Visit South Africa in 2019

South Africa is a land with extreme weather conditions and diverse ethnic groups, which makes it the perfect stop for experiencing a highly adventurous trip. With the varying seasons, countless species of flora & fauna, entertainment venues, sports arenas, famous art galleries and more, everything is just apt for planning your tour to South Africa.

The land of mystical destinations and adventures, and aided with a diverse and distinct ecosystem, South Africa offers everything for everyone. South Africa tours with WTTW comprises of amazing safari destinations in South Africa. As a traveller, you get to visit and explore famous destinations like the Kruger National park, beaches at the Western Cape, forests and lagoons and the garden route and beneath the flat-topped Table Mountain.

Women Traveling the World offers two awesome tours to help you explore the wondrous continent. These include our Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda and a South African Safari that explores Cape Town and the Safari tour.

Cape Town, South Africa

As a part of the South Africa Safari tour, you will get to explore Cape Town, globally touted as South Africa’s jewel. The tour carries on to the Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and Constantia Valley, which are the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Just south of the City Center, the Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain that hovers over Cape Town, which evidently give it its name. The most prominent feature found here is the Table Mountain National Park, which also includes tourist attractions such as Boulders Beach and the Cape of Good Hope. The location offers adventurous experiences such as hiking to the mountain’s summit or reaching the destination via cable car.

The Cape of Good Hope is another awesome destination in Table Mountain National Park. It is ideally a peninsula dividing the Atlantic Ocean and False Bay, featuring several incredible beaches as a result. Since it is a peninsula, there is an amazing variety of flora and fauna to explore and study as well. Cape Point, Africa’s southernmost point is the highlight of the area. It is a strip of land that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Next up, the Constantia Valley is a good place to visit in Cape Town. Popularly known as the heart of South Africa’s wine country, here you get a once in a lifetime chance to sip on famous wines and relax in the valley, a region that includes oak-lined streets, historic mansions and award-winning wineries.


The most popular attractions in the city of Uganda have always been the Murchison Falls National Park and Kazinga Channel. A proper Uganda vacation is never complete without a visit to the Murchison Falls National Park, located right on Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. The park consists of the namesake Murchison Falls, where the Nile River plummets over a massive drop. Kazing Channel is a 32-kilometer long natural channel and is a great site for exploring safaris. It is a part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In addition to these, Women Traveling The World also offers an exotic Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda. For more information regarding the above mentioned tours, simply jump online at https://womentravelingtheworld.com/alltours/ and check out the amazing travel destinations chosen for you by experts.

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