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Greece Travel Guide for Solo Women Travelers – You Asked, We Answered

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Many enjoy the flexibility and insights that come with a planned Greece tour for single women, while others keep on thinking about planning a trip they find it somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, traveling on your own has always been deemed as scary due to numerous reasons. Many of us desire to experience the elegant beauty of Greece, but don’t know where to start.

WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD has made solo traveling possible for many women and allows you to get out there & travel with many fantastic possibilities. On your trip, you become part of the group of like-minded people and make connections that last forever.

Among all of our destinations, Greece tour for single women is the most cherished and highly demanding package. Why? Because it is brilliant in its own way and gives you remarkable insights into the ancient civilizations, grandeur, architectures, & pre-historic era. In short, there Greece tour for single women lets you discover the land of a thousand stories. That being said, it all comes down to one thing – Book your tour and get ready to explore? So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. What Clothes To Pack for Greece in May?

Our Greek Islands Tour for women solo travelers is planned for the summer month. Hence, we would recommend that you pack your clothes accordingly. The weather in May is warm and suggests you carry shorts, tank tops, casual dresses, comfortable walking shoes, pants, light jacket, and a pair of flip-flops for the beach.

2. What to Carry for Sun Protection in Greece?

The temperature gets very high in the summer months, and you should always put sunscreen to protect your face & body. In addition to this, a hat and sunglasses are a necessity for any Greece traveling and sightseeing. Other things you may want to consider are – swimsuit cover-ups (great for the summer season), built-in filter water bottle, scarf, or shawl.

3. How to Be Cultural Sensitive in Greece?

The young ones in Greece regard themselves as a modern generation and open-minded. But the older generation is very conservative and orthodox in nature. So if you are planning to visit a temple, church, monasteries or religious spot, we would recommend you to cover up your body and pay respect to their culture & faith.

4. How much money should I take to Greece for a holiday?

The significant cost of Greece traveling is broken down by accommodation, transportation, dining, and traveling, which we have already taken care of. The rest is up to you. The average daily price based on the expenditure of other female travelers could be around €110 ($123) per day. Most of the travelers prefer shopping or buying a souvenir item. So for that, you need to carry some lose money.

THE EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING – TIME TO CREATE YOURS. Greece is generally very safe for solo women travelers, and even the locals are amicable. There are so many places to see, and our representatives make sure you see the best wonders in Greece. WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD was born with a passion for the luxury travel experience, catering to all women seeking the most electrifying tours in Greece or anywhere in the world. For a perfect glimpse of our itinerary, do stop by at Greece Women’s Tour for Singles – Discover The Land of a Thousand Stories

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