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5 Simple Hacks That Make Flying Easier

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Beat the Hassle of Traveling with these 5 Simple Hacks that Make Flying Easier

Many who stress over traveling (especially for international flights), often resort to Xanax or Ambient to get through the anxiety of it all, but there are actually plenty of travel hacks out there that make the whole experience infinitely easier. From finding the cheapest flights to getting through the flight itself with no worries, the hacks are infinite.

At Women Traveling the World, we’ve been on our fair share of adventures around the world, and with that in mind, we’ve decided to put together some quick hacks you may want to adopt for your next trip.

5 Simple Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

  1. Check online for tickets on Tuesday’s around 3pm. If you travel with our group vacations at Women Traveling the World, the booking isn’t anything you have to worry about because we will handle that for you. With several years of experience working as travel agents, we can book any flight, no problem. However if you’re not traveling with our group, you’ll want to follow this travel tip. Airlines like JetBlue and Southwest often lower their prices weekly around 3pm on Tuesdays. If you check after 3pm, the larger airlines usually lower their prices as well.
  2. Try and get a workout in before your flight. Just like Elle Woods said in Legally Blond, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make your happy.” With that being said, trying to get in a quick workout before your trip will help your body relax once you’re finally on the flight, which means it’ll be far easier for you to fall asleep (without a Xanax).
  3. Splurge on a lounge pass. If you don’t have time to work out before your flight, indulge in one of the airlines first class lounges. Many will offer “one day” passes, but that depends on both the airline as well as the airport you’re flying out of.
  4. The time of day you fly affects the turbulence. No one likes to fly on a plane that experiences turbulence because you’re essentially in a tin can 30,000 feet above the ground and shaking. So, if turbulence is something you want to avoid, try to book your flight early in the morning. Thunderstorms usually don’t begin to form until the afternoon, making morning flights a smoother ride. Plus, people don’t like flying extremely early in the morning, so the flights may be cheaper, and you may even be able to snag your own row on the plane to really relax. If you can’t snag a morning flight, try and book your seat in the middle of the plane. Since planes are kind of like seesaws, you’ll feel less turbulence near the wings.
  5. Make your luggage a quick find. Whether you have a bright colored suitcase, or a colorful name tag, you want to make sure you luggage is easy to spot once you reach your destination. More often than not, the luggage carousels are just one continuous line of black and brown bags that all look the same. So, get yourself a bright purple one so you can spot it right away and beat the crowd on your way out.

Learn other great traveling tips and opportunities for women traveling alone to safely reach wonderful destinations all around the world by visiting Women Traveling the World.

5 Benefits Of Traveling When You’re Single

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Although being single may cause some to get down on themselves, there’s no reason for it because there are so many great opportunities to take advantage of while you’re single that just aren’t the same when you have a partner. One of the greatest things you can do while you’re single is to travel. There are so many benefits that come out of traveling alone rather than traveling with your significant other. There’s a different level of freedom that you feel when you’re single and traveling to other countries, and when you’re traveling with your partner, you’re expected to sightsee together. However, if you’re giving solo travel a try, find yourself a travel group.

Traveling with a Group

When you travel with a group of single women like us at Women Traveling the World, your whole itinerary is mapped out for you. All you need to do is bring your camera, money for souvenirs, and show up to the airport on time. We’ve visited some truly remarkable places in our time as a travel group, and we have even more destinations ahead of us. If you’re interested in traveling with our group, visit our Women Traveling the World website to see if any of our upcoming trips spark your interest.

5 Reasons to Travel When You’re Single

  1. The activities are different. When you’re traveling with your significant other, romantic sunsets over the Adriatic Sea may be wonderful, but so is touring and participating at wine tastings at historic vineyards. Also, when you’re venturing out for these different solo activities, you’ll meet more people because when you’re with your love, you’ll be socializing with them and solely sharing the experience with them. When you’re alone or with a group of other individuals, you’ll be more inclined to socialize with many different people.
  2. You’ll learn more about yourself. Even if we don’t realize it while we’re in a relationship, we inevitably spend more time caring about the other person rather than ourselves. Anytime you go through a break up, take advantage of being single. There’s no better way than to kick the lonesome feeling than to take advantage of all the opportunities your relationship was preventing you from having. Traveling is an extremely lively hobby, and you’d be amazed at all the extraordinary people you’ll meet in the world that you may not have otherwise.
  3. Less Worrying. When you’re traveling with someone you deeply care for, you’re going to have anxiety during the trip because you’re constantly wondering if they’re really having a good time. Aside from the regular traveling stresses, traveling while you’re single should be worry free.
  4. You’ll build confidence. Befriending strangers and figuring things out for you is a HUGE confidence boost for anyone. When you return from your solo travels, you’ll have more confidence than ever before, and you’ll have photos to show those who didn’t accompany you how boldly you’re living life. Also, when you travel while you’re single, you’ll be more observant of your surroundings, which will ultimately give you more knowledge about the world.
  5. You’ll enjoy it. Bottom line, when you travel while you’re single, you’ll never forget the experience, and we mean that in the most positive way possible. When you travel around the world, you’ll realize that there’s more to life than finding that person to spend the rest of your life with. There’s nothing wrong with you if you enjoy being single, in fact you probably feel like a more empowered person because of it. So liberate yourself from your daily routine and go see what the world has to offer you.


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