February 22, 2016

Take a Trip to Napa Valley for A Singles Vacation

Take a Trip to Napa Valley for A Singles Vacation

For those who want to visit the beautiful state of California or are eager to try out the luxurious selection of wine that is grown in the vineyards of Napa Valley, this 4-day trip offered by Women Traveling the World is the ideal way! The tour allows you to experience what the beautiful vineyards and wineries have to offer. If you love wine and are eager to expand your knowledge, or are simply just looking for a getaway, then taking a trip to Napa Valley for a singles vacation is a must!

Napa Valley is a household name when it comes to wine, and for good reason. The region is considered by many wine experts to be producing the finest wine in the world. The Mediterranean climate supplies the perfect environment for the grapes to be grown and turned into great tasting wine. The area is also absolutely breathtaking, and is great for those who are into photography or who just want to experience more of one of the most beautiful states in the America.

Why Visit the Wineries of Napa?

Some may be wondering why they would take the time and spend the money to take a trip to taste wine that they can possibly find in their local grocery store. Wine from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys can be found around the world, after all. Those who know great wine understand that to fully appreciate a great glass of cabernet, you have to be aware of everything that went into making it. The best way to learn that is to take a visit to one of the best wine regions in the world.

Experience San Francisco

Those who take the singles vacation trip to Napa with Women Traveling the World, will get to experience the great city of San Francisco on the first day. The stay in San Fran includes time to visit the local shops and eateries, as well as dinner at a fish restaurant in the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf, which is famous for its great tasting seafood. The last day of the trip also features time in San Francisco, including lunch at the marina with a wonderful view of the bay, and an afternoon tour of the city across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976

1976 was a big year for California wine. In this French wine tasting event, a Napa Valley Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon beat out famous French wine labels in taste, solidifying the Napa region as a serious contender and producer of great wine.

Taste the Wine of Napa

Beginning in the limousine ride, there will be delicious tastings of wines from the region. Day 3 of the Trip includes visits to 4 amazing Sonoma Valley wineries and lunch in a location, such as a vineyard or even a wine cellar, depending on the weather.

The Beauty of the Valley

Part of the reason many enjoy visiting this beautiful part of California so much is that, whether one is traveling alone or in a group with friends, they are able to witness the incredible beauty of the wineries and rolling hills of Napa Valley.

Start Seeing the World

Napa Valley is a great place for a woman to start traveling if she wants to see the world. Staying stateside is a great way to build confidence while traveling and seeing a new place, and the fact that the Californians speak English like the rest of us can make it a little easier than visiting a foreign country.

Napa is a Must-See for Wine Lovers

Those that love wine or want to experience the beauty of Napa Valley and wonderful California can start with this amazing 4 day Tour! From April 28th to May 1st, travelers can learn the ins and outs of the wine history and listen to the great tour guides that will be on the trolleys going up and down Sonoma Valley. For more information, visit the trip information page, or call Women Traveling the World today at 866-753-1552!

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