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Tours for Singles: Visit Costa Rica this May!

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Like many of the countries of Central America, Costa Rica boasts a diverse range of scenery, from its beaches, mountains and volcanoes to its lush rolling hills full of coffee plantations and banana trees. Costa Rica is also remarkably safe and has a friendly population. The “Ticos”, as the Costa Ricans prefer to be called, are friendly and very welcoming to those who want to experience a taste of what their beautiful home has to offer.

While the primary language of those living in Costa Rica is Spanish, many of the Costa Ricans in the country speak fluent English as well, especially those in the more populated areas and those that are popular to tourists. Costa Rica offers unique and extraordinary activities, such as zip line tours through the jungle, kayaking tours on Central America’s second largest lake, and activities on the beach like massages or snorkeling.

The 7-Day Tour offered by Women Traveling the World is going to immerse the traveler in a host of Costa Rica’s most popular activities. Out of the many tours for singles, this trip to Costa Rica is unique! Like all the beautiful countries of the world, Costa Rica would take months to fully experience. However, the tour includes activities that are carefully planned to a schedule, which can be viewed here. It gives those wanting to experience Costa Rica a great sampling of all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Reasons to Come Visit Costa Rica!

Some of the reasons to take a trip to Costa Rica may be obvious. The wonderful tropical beaches lined with palm trees and fresh coconuts or “pipas,” as they’re called, are an obvious attraction to many of the people who are considering taking a trip to the tropics. But those who have been to the beach may be more excited about a trip to the rain forests of Costa Rica, where sloths, monkeys, and parrots can be found living in their natural habitat.

Experience Pura Vida

Pura Vida, or Pure Life, as is the English translation, is the motto of the Costa Rican people. Costa Rica is a champion of everything healthy and green. The country is also home to a wide variety of exotic fruits like Dragon Fruit (Pitaya in Spanish), Guanabana, and Mamoncillos (or Mamones), each of which makes a delicious tropical fruit drink made by local restaurants and vendors.

Beautiful Guanacaste

Guanacaste is actually the province of NW Costa Rica. Bordering Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean, Guanacaste is known for being an ideal destination for tourists looking to experience an idyllic getaway to its beautiful beaches. Guanacaste has more than 400 miles of coastline, and is warmer than the other provinces of Costa Rica that have higher elevations.

Catamaran Tour

The beautiful waters off the coasts of Guanacaste are home to an assortment of fish and marine life. Day 2 of the Tour includes a Catamaran Tour complete with snorkeling and snacks on board the sailing vessel.

Ricon de la Vieja National Park

Located in the region of Guanacaste, Ricon de la Vieja National Park is famous for its resting volcanoes and the activities that take place on their slopes. Trails and paths line the jungles of the region and this National Park of Costa Rica is ideal for trips full of travelers that are eager to experience what it has to offer.

Arenal Volcano

One of the exciting stops on this Costa Rica trip is going to be the Arenal Volcano. This currently resting volcano sits at 5,437 feet. There was a serious eruption in 1968, but according to seismic scientists the volcano is currently resting and in a dormant phase. Today the slopes of the volcano are home to activities such as horseback riding, white water rafting, and even hikes through the jungle.

The Hot Springs

The geothermal activity underneath the earth’s surface also results in a variety of hot springs in the area. The hotel actually features a swimming pool along with 4 hot springs, whose mineral-rich waters are great for the skin. Hot springs are the natural hot tub of the jungle.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking in the waters of Costa Rica is an experience that one won’t soon forget. Arenal Lake is the second largest lake in Costa Rica and sits at the foot of Arenal Volcano. Interestingly, the dam on Lake Arenal produces 12% of Costa Rica’s electrical energy. Kayaking on the lake is one of the most popular activities, and it’s actually a popular destination for windsurfers as well!

Ride the Zip Lines

Some Americans may have grown up at a summer camp that featured zip lines. While those may have been exciting, they pale in comparison to the zip lines that can be found lining the jungles of Costa Rica. The zip lines enjoyed on this particular tour feature 12 cables and 13 platforms, travelling a distance of 3 kilometers or 1.86 miles above the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest! On this day of the tour there is also an optional hanging bridge tour.

The Costa Rican trip for women that want to see more of this beautiful Earth and are ready to start with the amazing jungles and beaches of Costa Rica is going to be from May 22nd to 29th of this year. Many of the activities listed above are included in the price, and all that is needed to book the trip is a 500$ deposit! For more information get in contact with Women Traveling the World at 866-753-1552! Be sure to check out the full details of the trip to Costa Rica here!

Best Places to See in Rome

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

One of the best vacation ideas for single women is a trip to Rome! Italy is full of some of the world’s finest restaurants, boutiques, and tourist attractions. Italy, especially the capital of Rome, features an enormous amount of history as well as geographical beauty and destinations for people with all sorts of different interests.

Rome is known for its great and marvelous history. Vatican City is right there. The Coliseum is one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture that there is. There are also wonderful shopping destinations and restaurants to dine at. Whatever someone’s favorite thing to do may be – there is bound to be something for everyone in Rome!

Best Places to See in Rome

Coliseum and Pantheon

For the single women travelers with a passion for history, these two amazing pieces of architecture are a must-see. They are some of the most well-preserved pieces of ancient architecture in the world, and are bound to be interesting and memorable for anyone that wants to see them. Those that love history will be especially pleased by these great monuments that exemplify the power of the Roman Empire.

Pizzeria Luzzi

One of the best pizzerias in all of Rome, Luzzi is a must stop for anyone wanting a piece of authentic Italian cuisine. They also boast cheap beer and wine, as well as great service. Whether someone is traveling through Rome for a day or two on the way through Italy or spending some quality time in the city, Pizzeria Luzzi is a great place to stop.

The Trevi Fountain

This magnificent fountain is in the Trevi district of Rome, and is one of the most famous fountains in the world. It was designed by Nicola Salvi, and is of the Baroque style, and was finished as it is in its current state by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. The fountain features Oceanus, the Roman god of water, in the central part. The Trevi fountain was refinished in 1998, and again in 2014. To this day it remains one of the biggest cultural landmarks in all of Rome.

Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps

This is the central part of Rome’s designer shopping area. Great stores such as Gucci and Prada are featured here, and it has even been known to be a favorite destination of the local celebrities. It also helps that it begins at the foot of the Spanish Steps, which is a huge tourist destination in Rome. This is a great place to start when shopping is on the to-do-list.

This list is an excellent place to start for the traveler visiting Rome and hoping to discover some of the best local attractions. Trips for single women can be tricky, and that’s why it’s always great to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Sure, deviating from the plan is part of the fun – but it helps to have a road map when entering a city you have never been to. Women traveling Europe that pass through Rome will definitely want to be checking out these great shops!

5 Healthy Advantages to Traveling Alone

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Traveling alone has such a bad rap, here we have presented 5 examples as to how traveling alone can be one of the best experiences of anyone’s life!


1. Surprise VIP treatment

What happens when we are the only one to sign up for a group tour or activity? We might inadvertently end up on a private tour despite paying a group tour price!

Sure, some group travel companies might have minimum quotas to meet before running a tour, and some will charge you a bit more if you’re the only one, but occasionally we’ll get to enjoy a group tour as the sole customer.
That means that if it’s a surfing or rock-climbing lesson, we will have 100% of the instructor’s attention — we can learn so much faster. On a history  or art-oriented tour, we will be able to have an in-depth conversation with our guide instead of getting a group lecture. If it’s a one-person-at-a-time activity like zip-lining, we’ll be able to hop from line to line without waiting for everyone else to go!


2. Reading Voraciously

If a traveler doesn’t read as much as they used to but wish they could pick up the habit again, solo travel is the perfect opportunity!

When you travel with a companion, naturally, you will always be talking. When you are traveling solo, you’ll have a lot of time to fill. You could spend that time engrossed on your phone, scrolling through Facebook  posts, or reading a good book.


3. Time for Reflection and Self-Knowledge

The beauty of solo travel is time. Time to be alone; time to reflect; time to test one’s self. Granted, sometimes that’s uncomfortable. Sometimes, we simply feel lonely and awkward, but recognizing those feelings and learning to overcome them is all part of the process. We get to know ourselves in a new way, test ourselves in new situations. After weeks of camping in remote places, we feel serene in peaceful silence. We feel refreshed. How often do most of us allow ourselves to spend quality time alone?


4. Confidence

The more we challenge ourselves; the more we stretch ourselves and the bigger our world becomes. We can learn how to navigate in a strange city, build a campfire, learn a language. Overcome one obstacle, and we meet the next more confidently. Now, when seeds of self-doubt spring up, one needs to remind themselves, “Well, we have come this far, what’s the big deal?”


5. Encountering New People

Traveling alone doesn’t mean that we will stay in solitude, not by any means. In fact, solo travelers tend to meet more new people when they are on their own, rather than when they travel with somebody.

We are free! We are not bound to spend time with certain people because we happen to have come to this place with each other. We are free like a bird and can mingle, find new dance partners, sit next to new people, interact and start conversations with whomever we want.

Women who are interested in traveling, but do not have a partner can take advantage of the wonderful group tours offered through Women Traveling the World. Find out more by calling 866-753-1552 or visiting

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