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Top 10 South Africa Tours Ideas for Solo Women Travelers

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

As a solo women traveler, if you are planning for South Africa tours this year on the land with extreme weather conditions and diverse ethnic groups, let women traveling the world be your partner. With itineraries that include handpicked destinations to visit and stay to make your solo travel a memorable one. Women traveling the world will curate the best vacation for you in groups or solo ensuring that while you make new friends on your travel you would also not miss out on enjoying your solitary space.

Every season is just apt for planning your tour to South Africa as suggested by travel experts. Home to a bountiful species of flora & fauna, world’s first art galleries, entertainment venues, sports arenas and restaurants, South Africa serves everything on your travel platter. The picturesque landscapes include snow capped mountains, semi arid regions, incredible biodiversity and even diverse human culture. Speaking of culture in South Africa there are over 11 widely used languages and Christianity is widely accepted form of religion. South Africa has something to offer everyone. Whether it is a beach vacation or craggy cliffs that you are looking for in your South Africa tours, you will absolutely lobe enjoying every part of South Africa.

Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, with a diverse and distinct ecosystem, South Africa is the land of mystical destinations and adventures. South Africa tours comprises of uncountable safari destinations from the Inland safari destinations, Kruger National park, beaches at the Western Cape, forests and lagoons and the garden route and beneath the flat topped table mountain.

Not just South Africa tours but Women traveling the World bring to you a gallery of handpicked destinations to choose from for your next solo travel anywhere in the world. Get touch in with amazing travel destinations chosen for you by experts at or write to us for any queries at

Top 5 Things To Do In Morocco To Repair An Ailing Heart

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

A Morocco adventure tour for women is a handpicked choice by experts at Women traveling the world. We curate tours that will let you have the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers or enjoy your time in solace. Life can be totally unpredictable and sometimes not being prepared can leave us with a lot of hassle. Besides the financial and situational turmoil it can majorly impact us emotionally. Traveling is therapeutic and a destination like Morocco will only elevate your experience.

Morocco traveling is no leisure, but an intense experience and thus it is highly recommended to be on your cards this year. The gateway to Africa, Morocco is a beautiful mix of ancient and contemporary. As a solo traveler you will find ample things to do which will make your year a memorable one! Let’s begin to discuss the top ten things to do in the city that will not only repair your ailing heart but also give birth to a new you!

1. Fall in love with the Medinas: It will not be incorrect to call the medinas as the heart of each city in Morocco. Get lost in the narrow twisted streets, fountains, mosques, markets and most importantly the authentic Moroccan delicacies. The walled streets encompass the soul of Africa. Be safe and stick with the people as the place might turn like a maze;

2. The Atlas: Trekking has been a favorite for travelers who take their traveling experiences too seriously. The rough and tricky trekking paths will make you forget all your troubles. The Atlas Mountains are stretched over 1,500 miles from the West Coast of Morocco all the way to Tunisia. The best time to hike is April to May;

3. Mosques of Morocco: Casablanca is no less beautiful experience than the cinematic one, which I am sure we all have experienced. It is a vintage experience to be in the ancient city of Casablanca. The Hassan 2 Mosque is a major attraction for tourists. It is the largest mosque in Africa and 5th largest in the world;

4. Try your hands at cooking: The Moroccan houses and kitchens offer cooking classes in cities like Marrakesh and Fez. Buy the raw products from the local markets and then cook your desire. The west-inspired cafe is popular for its big and yummy camel burger;

5. Wanderlusting in Kasbah les Oudaias: This mystical beauty is located in Rabat in the most ancient part of the city. The picturesque place is set amidst the narrow winding streets and white houses. You can soak in the tranquility of the place with the views of rivers and oceans;

Besides, these top places there are many destinations in Morocco that one might want to travel to unleash a happier and brighter you! Visit our website to know more such travel destinations and align your ravel goals with us!

Discover The Top 10 Costa Rica Nature and Adventure Tours

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Costa Rica nature and adventure tours have become a scintillating choice for travelers worldwide. A tiny piece of the land’s soul can be seen in every aspect; whether it is the mystical land with picturesque beauty or the rural lifestyle. The historical walks through its heritage masterpieces like the Pre Columbian gold museum have a demeanor for grandeur and tranquility. The rain forested land is home to several natural wonders such as volcanoes, waterfalls and the unique species of spider monkeys and quetzal birds.

The Costa Rican land is appropriate for womens travel groups. The land offers a plethora of choices to dive in its culture for solo women travelers. It is also a place for a vacation with your friends or it can be a place where you can find your solitude. If you are an adventurer at heart the land also gives you ample occasions to experience the bountiful of adventure retreats on the land. Soak in the pura vida essence with womens travel groups.

Women traveling the world adds to your vacation plans by customizing the itineraries according to your choice. After spending some time with women travelers, women traveling the world has been handpicking amazing destinations that offers unique experiences and is an apt choice to make whether you are traveling solo or with a group of solo women travelers. The packages are built using unique hotels and rejuvenating activities and itinerary that will leave you with several cherishing memories from the trip. The best thing about such travel experience is in finding like-minded individuals and building up on a lasting friendship.

Some of the best, to be specific the top 10 dominant tourism factors about the land are: Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna area, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Manuel Antonio national park and its beaches, Poas Volcano & Botos Lagoon, Irazu Volcano, Tortuguero channels, Puerto Viejo of Talamanca and Cahuita, Drake Bay & Corcovado national park, Providence and San Gerardo de dota, Guanacaste beach.
Visit our website and discover ways to align yourself with the best holiday experiences solo. Visit us at: or write to us at:

The Best Time to Plan Thailand Exotic Tours- Festivals Have Arrived!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

The colorful Thailand is all set to dive in the new colors in the season of festivals. With Pakpanang food and boat racing, Khao Dinsor’s falcon Festival and Wonderfruit Music and arts Festival around the corner; it’s the best time to plan Single woman travel on the spectacular land.

Women traveling the world can customize your idealized travel package or arrange for solo group women travelers to Thailand. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds; you can have the fun that one has in a group and also enjoy your solo time. Women traveling the world has been arranging similar travel packages for women since some time now and has managed to form a chain of single woman travel around the world. They have a couple of handpicked destinations and itineraries and your dream vacation is undoubtedly in safe hands.

Thailand homes some of the mightiest waterfall and has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Also, there are multiple rainforests. There are several other tourist places near Thailand such as, Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and Bangkok. Despite the fact that Thailand is a highly commercial tourist spot, there are also several places that are perfect to find solace by the solo woman travelers. The picturesque beauty on the land becomes even beautiful with the arrival of the season of festivals;


1. Wonderfruit Music & Arts Festivals:
(Mid-December festival)
The festival lays immense emphasis on the importance of sustainability and become socially responsible. The key element of celebrations at the festival are: music, art, workshops along with the banquets by some well renowned chefs. The foundation of this world famous festival was laid by a Thai based production company- ‘Scratch first’ n 2014. To feature a sustainable environment as a motto of the festival, Wonderfruit encourages the use of biodegradable and environment friendly products. You can also visit the creative farms onsite and explore some distinctive organic food. The six featured elements at Wonderfruit Festivals are: Arts, Music, family, farm to feasts, wellness & adventures and talks & workshops.

2. Khao Dinsor’s Falcon Festival:
(Sept- Nov festival)
The Events and festivals in Thailand are multi facet. The land believes in celebrating its natural heritage and mystical treasures of nature. An example to showcase this belief of theirs is the Khao Dinsor’s Falcon Festival celebrated. The multi variant species of falcon escape the cold weather of Siberia and fly towards the Malay Peninsula en route Chumphon for their breeding purpose in between September to November annually.

3. Vegetarian Festival:
It is a colorful event that is celebrated and is renowned worldwide. There are a plenty of fruit stalls and hubs of all kind all over the festival. You can taste a variety of sample meat and other items that you otherwise will find rarely. There are multiple stalls, vendors and a parade of the cultural insight of Thailand is a highlight of the Festival.

With an opportunity to meet likeminded individual travelers from round the corner, this will be an ever cherishing memory for you. Visit their website to begin your Exotic Thailand tours today or you can also write to them at:

Nonchalantly Beautiful Travel Tours For Singles in Sedona

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Women traveling tour in Sedona is mostly seen describing it as a land that is effortlessly beautiful. Sedona is the perfect example to tell how mystically beautiful Mother Nature is. It is an absolutely divine amalgamation of geographical wonders and history. The great Canyon walls in Sedona are embellished with nine layers of stone formed over a period of hundreds of millions of years.



Beyond the aesthetic appeal of the land, the sacred and spiritual appeal of Sedona is the reason why travel tours for Singles in Sedona are gaining tremendous popularity. Similar to a Vortex, Sedona is known to be hiding swirling centers of energy emitting healing power for mind, body and soul, helping to meditate and enforcing self-exploration. These are also known as the centers on earth which has a soul and lives upon the concentration of energy on these places. Sedona’s Vortexes popularly draw travelers and new age thinkers who are seeking for a spiritual insight or an upliftment in life.

What makes Sedona a must as your travel goal this year?

1. Sedona Spa retreat tour is a big reason for the abundance of likeability for Sedona travel packages for women. It is known for destination spas and retreat centers that are seen as major contributors in rejuvenating minds, body and soul. Therefore, settling the basic purpose of solo travels;

2. Travel tours for singles in Sedona can be full of surprises as one begins to explore the red rock country in Arizona. For over 90 feature films, videos and commercials have been shot in the Sedona area, like, Billy the Kid and 3:10 to Yuma. Sedona encompasses more national monuments and parks than other states in vicinity. These intriguing factors about Sedona have made it reachable by 2 million visitors each year;

3. The living town on the red rock landscape, breathing on the Arizonian state hides beneath itself many secrets that make it a spiritually rich and inspiring enough land to begin a better journey in life after completing the process of self exploration.

Being one of the most beautiful secrets that United States behold, Sedona, is definitely going to be a life changing game for those who long for a fine spectacle with an inspirational motive while holidaying. Customize and book your women travel tour in Sedona with Women traveling the World. You can contact and let us know what your travel goals are.

Female Solo Trip To Bali- Tailored As Per Women Traveling Solo

Monday, March 26th, 2018

When it comes to experience the serene beauty of nature, Bali is truly the astounding place that does not disappoint solo traveler’s expectation. It’s a place where beauty takes many forms and in the end, you’ll leave by having a remarkable reminiscence of this magnificent place. Also known as Indonesian gem’s, Bali is truly the best place for women’s preparing for a single travel tour in the arms of nature.

Top 3 Things In Bali That Makes You Fall In Love

There are many facets of this island that defines Bali a heavenly destination on this planet. It vibrant aroma makes your day memorable and is suitable for all types of travelers. In short- “you’ll never forget the Bali’s purity, exoticism, and untouched splendor”. Here are the 5 things that grab the attention of women traveling solo and persuade them to trip as a solo:

1. The Loveliness Of Beaches- Bali is globally renowned for its beaches and this certainly gives birth to numerous aquatic activities like surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

2. Historical Temples & Culture- Bali is a homeplace for a century-old temple and also the resting place of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites i.e. Pakerisan Valley, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, and Taman Ayun Temple.

3. Art, People & Cuisine- Another great facet of Bali’s lies in its friendly people, colorful festivity, unique culture, adorned shrines, spirituality dance and lip-smacking cuisine.

Shall we find a suitable package for your amazing singles travel tours? At, we craft your solo traveling dream into reality. Currently, our 10-day-tour to Bali at just $1,488 is becoming highly popular among women traveling solo. And in case if you desire of exceptional itinerary, then simply share your vision at (866) 753-1552 or

Magnificent places to visit in Morocco

Friday, October 14th, 2016

If you ever get the chance to visit Morocco, there are some wondrous places that you will definitely not regret visiting. Rich in history and culture, Morocco is no stranger to telling great stories among its people. Here are the most magnificent places to visit while traveling Morocco.


The High Atlas

high atlas town

This beautiful mountain range area is home to a small community of homes that are placed along the mountain’s bumpy structure. This area acts as the bridge between the heat of the lower area and the snowy mountains. The snow moves down to the village in the winter, providing a unique shift throughout the seasons.



agadir town by the sea

We often go to Morocco during the winters, and for good reason. Take a look at Agadir. This city is home to beautiful beaches, vacation resorts, mountain plains and villages. This is the ideal location for starting your Moroccan tour since it is a base for tourism and introduction to the Moroccan land.



morocco Fez Town

The largest, car-free area in the world, this former capital of Morocco is a cultural powerhouse. Filled with beautiful spots such as the Medersa Bou Inania, the Batha Museum, and the Habarim Synagogue, this land is a beautiful maze of history. Just be sure not to go without a travel agent; it very easy to get lost in.



Merzouga desert

Merzouga is the serene desert town that allows for quiet yet astounding scenery. Looking very much like a scene from the movies, Merzouga’s town has a fairy-tale sense of royalty; it’s amazing sand dunes are complemented by its clear bodies of water.



morocco Chefchaouen town

Up in Morocco’s Rift Mountains lies the cool-colored gem, Chefchaouen. This town is literally painted a bright sky-blue, giving it a dream-like personality. Chefchaouen offers a unique opportunity for Tourists to be introduced to their culture, since it is hard not to be taken by its sheer beauty and serenity.


The key to fulfilling travel in Morocco (as is with any country), is to dive in and live amongst the people and environment. You have to learn to see what life is like here; how different and similar is it from your own home? Take in the pleasures and lifestyle of the people you meet. Perhaps these acquaintances can become good friends. One thing is for sure; at the end of it all you will come home with a new appreciation for the world’s cultural beauty.

Knocking Travel Off Your Bucket List

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

If you are a solo female that has always wanted to see the world but have been hesitant to go it alone, then rest easy because you don’t have to. Women Traveling The World offers planned trips in a female group format so you can have all the benefits of companionship and support while still having plenty of time to get out on your own for periods of time at locations all over the world. Here are some things to consider.


Fulfilling Your Dream Is Possible

How many of us have dreamed of going to certain places but have still not taken any steps towards achieving these dreams?  Tours for single women are an easy way to make your dreams a reality and find new friends along the way.

A Well Planned Trip Is An Enjoyable One

When you let an experienced travel professional take care of the details, you can be assured that nothing will be forgotten. If you have never planned an international trip or taken one at all, letting a professional take care of it is advisable so you have a great first experience.


Tours are available in a wide price range so you can find one for your budget and time frame. Tours range from 4-11 days.

Many Locations

Women Traveling The World offers trips to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bali, South Africa, Nova Scotia, the UK, and more! Some trips will take you through many countries such as our Danube River Cruise which takes you through Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and gain new experiences!

The Trip You Deserve

Getting away from it all and experiencing what the world has to offer is something you deserve. Contact us today to book your trip. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have and assist you with any necessary travel requirements before you depart.

Take a Trip to Napa Valley for A Singles Vacation

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

For those who want to visit the beautiful state of California or are eager to try out the luxurious selection of wine that is grown in the vineyards of Napa Valley, this 4-day trip offered by Women Traveling the World is the ideal way! The tour allows you to experience what the beautiful vineyards and wineries have to offer. If you love wine and are eager to expand your knowledge, or are simply just looking for a getaway, then taking a trip to Napa Valley for a singles vacation is a must!

Napa Valley is a household name when it comes to wine, and for good reason. The region is considered by many wine experts to be producing the finest wine in the world. The Mediterranean climate supplies the perfect environment for the grapes to be grown and turned into great tasting wine. The area is also absolutely breathtaking, and is great for those who are into photography or who just want to experience more of one of the most beautiful states in the America.

Why Visit the Wineries of Napa?

Some may be wondering why they would take the time and spend the money to take a trip to taste wine that they can possibly find in their local grocery store. Wine from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys can be found around the world, after all. Those who know great wine understand that to fully appreciate a great glass of cabernet, you have to be aware of everything that went into making it. The best way to learn that is to take a visit to one of the best wine regions in the world.

Experience San Francisco

Those who take the singles vacation trip to Napa with Women Traveling the World, will get to experience the great city of San Francisco on the first day. The stay in San Fran includes time to visit the local shops and eateries, as well as dinner at a fish restaurant in the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf, which is famous for its great tasting seafood. The last day of the trip also features time in San Francisco, including lunch at the marina with a wonderful view of the bay, and an afternoon tour of the city across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976

1976 was a big year for California wine. In this French wine tasting event, a Napa Valley Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon beat out famous French wine labels in taste, solidifying the Napa region as a serious contender and producer of great wine.

Taste the Wine of Napa

Beginning in the limousine ride, there will be delicious tastings of wines from the region. Day 3 of the Trip includes visits to 4 amazing Sonoma Valley wineries and lunch in a location, such as a vineyard or even a wine cellar, depending on the weather.

The Beauty of the Valley

Part of the reason many enjoy visiting this beautiful part of California so much is that, whether one is traveling alone or in a group with friends, they are able to witness the incredible beauty of the wineries and rolling hills of Napa Valley.

Start Seeing the World

Napa Valley is a great place for a woman to start traveling if she wants to see the world. Staying stateside is a great way to build confidence while traveling and seeing a new place, and the fact that the Californians speak English like the rest of us can make it a little easier than visiting a foreign country.

Napa is a Must-See for Wine Lovers

Those that love wine or want to experience the beauty of Napa Valley and wonderful California can start with this amazing 4 day Tour! From April 28th to May 1st, travelers can learn the ins and outs of the wine history and listen to the great tour guides that will be on the trolleys going up and down Sonoma Valley. For more information, visit the trip information page, or call Women Traveling the World today at 866-753-1552!

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