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Yacht Vacation in Croatia 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Imagine a perfect vacation on a luxurious yacht, exploring new places, beautiful islands, amazing foods, drinks, and unlimited fun, accompanied by an amazing group of people. That’s how you picture your vacation, right? Or maybe just close enough? Women Traveling the World can help you enjoy your vacation and have experiences as amazing as this. We recommend joining our next Croatia cruise tours in July 2020. We have an exquisite Yacht ready for you to board and explore both the mainland and islands of Croatia. Complete with a crew and only 19 statements for your personal and private experience.  

What You Can Expect On The Croatia Yacht Tour For Women?

Our tours are exclusive for women and we try our best not only to provide the best experience but safety too. So once you book your trip with us we will arrange the air transport in no time. On arrival, you will be greeted by a member of the yacht crew and joined by a group of women who are on the same adventure as you.

The journey will begin sooner than you know and you’ll reach amazing locations to explore and witness the beautiful nature and history Croatia is known for. It also gives you a great opportunity to explore and learn about the way of life of the people living on the Croatian paradise islands. You can enjoy local food, drinks, music, and dance that the locals enjoy. It’s definitely a perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures.

When your body touches the fresh breeze of the clear blue sea for the first time, it’s an experience to remember. So, you can keep that in mind as the tour starts. You will also get to witness the beautiful world that is hidden underwater. The experience is simply unforgettable!

Croatia yacht tours for women give you the opportunity to explore beautiful places such as the Kornati, Blue Cave, Pakleni, and many more depending on the route you choose to sail. You’ll discover hidden beaches, ports, bays and small islands. The Country is filled with incredible architecture, churches, and landmarks.

The nights are no less fun. After a great meal, you can take a bottle of wine and enjoy a pleasant evening with your company under the beautiful Croatian stars. Or party with your new friends at the local bar.

Now does this sound like a great vacation for you? If you are already excited to plan your vacation early, we recommend joining the Croatia cruise tour for July 2020. The crew would love to have you on the voyage and we would love to arrange everything for you, so contact us whenever you are ready for the next amazing vacation.

To see the highlights of Croatia Yacht Tour, please visit

Planning A Trip To Ireland? Here’s What You Should Know First

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Traveling to Ireland is a fantastic and stress-free trip for anyone planning for their international vacation. Ireland is such a beautiful destination and everyone should visit it once in their lifetime. Ireland is not only great for solo travelers but is a great destination for a women’s tour and anyone trying their solo adventure for the first time. Here’s what makes Ireland a great destination for women traveling solo.

Majority Of The People Understands English

If you are traveling to a foreign city that speaks different languages, you need to make some arrangements on how you would be communicating with people like asking them about directions, addresses, advice on where to go, or other information. However, when it comes to communication in Ireland, you have less to worry about. The majority of the people in Ireland understand and speak English.

If you are reading this then you probably understand English, and if you do, your vacation to Ireland is going to be amazing. Visiting Ireland for a vacation is much simpler now. Ireland is accustomed to tourists and thus provides great infrastructures for a better tourist experience. You will find signs and even menus written both in English and Irish. You won’t need to think too hard to understand the language here.

Breathtaking Scenery.

Ireland is filled with beautiful breathtaking sceneries. If you visit the countryside you will be soaked up by its spectacular natural beauty. You can visit Ireland’s National Parks Connemara and Killarney to witness the beauty of nature and find a deep sense of peace. Enjoy a spectacular view of the seas from the Cliffs of Moher. Drive through scenic rolling green hills and pastures.

There is so much to do in Ireland, you can visit the beautiful coastal regions, magnificent castles and can even visit the famous movie shooting center where movies like Braveheart, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter were filmed.

Friendly Attitudes Towards Women Touring In Ireland

Ireland has grown to a more socially progressive nation in the last few years. New laws have been passed to protect the rights of women and people whose rights were previously marginalized. The people in Ireland, in general, are said to be the nicest and most welcoming. Most people will try to help you and share good advice with you as the Irish are so friendly and welcoming.

Ireland is overall a great place to spend your vacations. If you are interested in spending your next vacation in Ireland, contact your best travel team at Women Traveling the World. We can help you plan out the best Ireland Women tour for you. Please visit

Napa Valley Tours for Singles. Sip-Sip-Hooray for the Best Wines

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Do you want a trip to enjoy the gratitude of the best wines? While you were working, we were planning. Our Napa Valley wine tours for singles is unlike any other trip on the planet. It is unique and extraordinary, where you get to try different varieties of wine and soak up the stunning sights of the vineyard. 

At Women Traveling the World, we make sure you enjoy an epic day planned at the winery, and the story doesn’t end here. There’s a lot to explore, and the opportunity to take tons of pics of the scenic wineries. Our platform is exclusively designed for solo women travelers and allows you to explore the hidden gem & beauty of the world. 

How do we begin planning? Female travelers all around the globe come together and form a group. Regardless of whom you are traveling with, you’ll have the best time of your life by learning about each other and the origin & culture we travel to. It is a perfect opportunity to create memories that’ll last for a lifetime. After a day in a vineyard, you & & your traveling companions will continue the trip further.

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Three reasons why Women Traveling The World is the right choice for Napa Valley wine tours for singles are: 

Exclusive Established Tour Operator You Can Trust. At Women Traveling The World, we have kept our services exclusive to women and have taken extensive measures for your splendid journey. Our expertly managed itinerary covers significant highlights of the city and walks you through the best spots in the midst of the finest accommodation & transportation services. 

Our Solo Trip Isn’t Lonely. Our solo traveling regime brings like-minded people all together, and you travel in a group that shares a common interest. With us, you don’t feel strangled on your voyage, and no one is a stranger, just people you haven’t met yet. 

You Relish the Authentic Experience. At Women Traveling The world, our experts are continually looking for ways to make your holiday as authentic & memorable as possible. And we do this by covering the major spots of the city and providing you the best of transportation & accommodations for your dream holiday. 

So far, we have executed 100+ trips to various corners of the world. Tell us where you want to go? To find out details on Napa Valley wine tours for singles, including other trips, do stop by at  

Experience The Best SEDONA Has To Offer – Book Your Package Today

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

In the Northern Region of Arizona, there’s an unspoiled valley away from the town & nesting in the arm of nature. Sedona, known for striking red sandstone, is among those places whose beauty is enough to seize the attention of spectators.

There is something unique about the place, and its aura makes it a perfect destination for everyone. The colors of red-rock buttes and canyon walls change when the sun begins to set. At that particular time, you will see the best-illuminated versions of sandstone formations. Anyone who travels here gets mesmerized in the midst of Sedona’s mild climate and stunning scenery.

At WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD, we make sure you experience the best Sedona has to offer and pride ourselves on how we operate our Sedona tour for women. Our exclusivity has paved the direction for many solo women travelers and provided them the opportunity to see famous places around the globe. There’s integrity, virtue, and ethics involved with the Sedona tour package or any other package we offer. It is because of our precision and firm commitment that we can craft a dreamlike trip.

New Solo Trips Starting Soon. For many years, we have been a perfect choice for Sedona’s solo female trip. We have encouraged many travelers to see the true beauty of nature, explore wildlife, prehistoric ruins, and natural beauty that the world has to offer. To make it happen, contact us today!

Book your Action Packed Adventure in Beautiful Sedona or you can call us at 866-753-1552

Join 2020’s Most Wanted Trip – Portugal Discovery Tour

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Enchanted and Endearing, Portugal is a treasure trove for someone who wants to explore the rich history, vivid culture, and nature’s exquisite beauty. The place disconnects you from the modern lifestyle and allows you to relish a diverse selection of seafood, discover ancient ethnicity and tales. In addition to this, there are many reasons why everyone is going to Portugal right now.

Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal is famous for its beaches, lip-smacking food, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The eye-catching coastline, best climate, and Santos festivities do rock your world to the core.

Quick Facts You’ll Discover on Your Portugal Discovery Tour

  1. Portugal is a fantastic blend of traditionality and modernity. You’ll be surprised to know that Portugal has the history of the fastest growth in innovation performance. In 2016, Lisbon became the home of a web summit and in 2018, CTA International Innovation Scorecard accredited Portugal as the 13th most innovative country in the world. Despite being a pioneer in the latest technology, the Portuguese never lost their values and cultural significance.
  2. Heads up for the biggest waves in the world. The coast of Portugal is known for monster waves, which attract surfers from all around the globe. Garrett McNamara (American professional surfer) marked the world record wave here. You can even see his video for surfing the biggest waves. The waves here get 100m high; thus, making it an ideal place to learn and enjoy surfing.
  3. Music Festivals pop-up like corn. Locals here are known for their great hospitality and welcome you as a friend. Music festivals are a huge part of their culture, very nice and easy-going. One thing you’ll definitely observe on your Portugal discovery tour is that there are festivals for all kinds of music taste. EDM, Rock and pop music are highly popular here. 

Highlights of Portugal Discovery Tour 2020

At WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD, we personally make sure your excursion is one of the best at an affordable price and guarantees a pleasurable experience without compromising on comfort & qualities.  Since our service is expertly managed and pays close attention to first-class travelling, accommodation and overall amenities, you’ll get a dream-like travelling. Factors that portray WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD as a reliable choice for Portugal’s discovery tour are:

  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN. Our travelling organization is exclusively for solo women travellers and has been a foremost choice for the growing number of women travelling alone. Interested ones come together and form a travelling group pack.
  • WELL DESIGNED ITINERARY. The unique facet of our organization lies in the capability to deliver a brilliant itinerary. This became possible by associating with trusted suppliers around the globe, who are equally passionate as we are for your unforgettable journey.
  • BROAD COVERAGE. Our Portugal Discovery Tour 2020 covers countless renowned destinations for your remarkable voyage. On your 9 day Portuguese journey, you’ll see AVEIRO, Douro, Estoril, Lisbon, and Porto.

Don’t Quit Your Traveling Dream. Sign up today. If Portugal is not on your bucket list, don’t worry, there are plenty more destinations to choose from. Just pay a visit to our site:

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Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour: Enjoy a Uganda Wildlife Safari with Us

Thursday, July 25th, 2019


Uganda is a country in East-Central Africa. It also lies within the Nile basin, and has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate. Uganda takes its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country, including the capital Kampala. This place has many tourist attraction spots among which Gorilla trekking is a “One of a kind experience” this place has to offer.

Notable places to visit are:

• Bwindi impenetrable national park

• Queen Elizabeth National Park

• Murchison falls national park

• Lake Mburo National Park

• Kibel National Park

• Lake Bunyonyi

• Kidepo valley national park

• Kasubi tombs

• Chimpanzee island

• Ssese island

• Mount Muhabura

And many more such places!

About “Women traveling the World”

Women traveling the world is a tourism website that provides the facilities for tours and travel specially for women travellers. This organization arranges trips for many countries for any dates suitable for the travellers and they can also customize their trips according to their schedule by offering customized tours as well.
They arrange short trips as well as long trips. Uganda trekking trip is one of the best trips provided by them from touring and lodging all taken care of for the women travellers.

Perks of Choosing Women Traveling the World:

• Women travelers who are looking to explore the world and enjoy unique experiences and amazing destinations.

• On small group customized tours you will enjoy the sisterhood of making new and lasting friendships all while traveling to a new destination.

• Their Custom built tours keep the Woman in mind using unique and quality hotels, offering inspiring experiences and activities while blending a tailored journey of a life time.

• They also customize any trip or retreat for your group or offer a tailored trip for your family or group of friends.

Uganda trekking trip by “Women Travelling the World”

• Here you will witness various kinds of safari rides in the African jungles of Uganda. Viewing many African animals in the wild.

• You will get to witness Gorillas and Chimpanzees living in their own environment with a guided trekking adventure into the wild.

• In this tour you will get to experience local culture, enjoy a cooking class as well as learn to dress as locals, isn’t it exciting for us women?

• You will get to visit a lot of landscape from enjoying the gushing wind in the hillside to calmness of islands and have a very unique experience.

• You will get to experience game drives and a boat cruise along the Nile River and see the mighty water falls.

• The scenic beauty of this place is to die for and you will enjoy every minute of this trip without putting your mind into which hotel to choose and plan the itinerary all by yourself.


To enjoy a hassle free journey with your all women troop or a solo women traveller you can visit the link as well as

Call on (866) 753-1552 Or drop a mail at

Get Your Backpack Ready for a 7 day Adventure in Costa Rica

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Costa Rica is a lush green country surrounded by forests, beaches and filled with breathtaking views. It is a sovereign state in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north, the Caribbean to the north east, Panama to the south east, the Pacific Ocean to the southeast, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island. This eco-diversity Nation has national parks, an inactive volcano, hot springs along with lots of flora and fauna.

Some famous places to visit in Costa Rica are:

• Corcovado national Park and Drake bay

• Arenal volcano national Park and La fortuna

• Tamarindo, Playa Langosta, Playa Grande

• Manuel Antonio and Manuel Antonio national park

• Monteverde cloud forest reserve

• Tortuguero National park

• Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

• Montezuma

• Puerto veijo and Cahuita national park

• Nosara and playa Guiones

• Chirripo mountain

And many more beautiful places!

Traveling is a very profound experience in one’s life and as women travellers they usually are sceptical about which hotel to choose and which places are relatively on the safer side and many such questions can come to their mind. So, worry not and enjoy every tourist place with the freedom of hassle free check ins and safe journeys by joining “ women traveling the world “ specifically created for solo woman travellers as well as all women’s trips.

About “Women Traveling The World”

It is a tourism website specially curated keeping in mind the need and necessities of women travellers. They have you covered with almost all the countries famous for tourist attractions. They have specific pre-planned trips with itinerary’s included on their website. You can also customize your trip according to your wish by simply asking and communicating with them about your schedule and needs. To know more about them please visit

• In these small group customized tours you will enjoy the sisterhood of making new and lasting friendships all while traveling to a new destination.

• The custom built tours keep the “Woman” in mind using unique and quality hotels, offering inspiring experiences and activities while blending a tailored journey of a life time.

• Traveling with them provides you the opportunity of having new traveling companions for the future.

• This fun filled week offers so much nature and beauty for you to explore. Be adventurous and join a fun group of female travelers as we explore, and try new experiences in gorgeous Costa Rica.


To know more about this touring website and facilities provided do visit

And contact at

(866) 753-1552 or

10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Morocco for ages has been all about appreciating the ancient way of living. For centuries a place of Nomads, the land is famous for the timeless beauty bounded in its cities like, Marrakech, the Ochre city and the mesmerizing Casablanca! It gives you the special way of living in the preserved Moroccan style. The geographical location of Morocco makes it a hot spot for tourists. The coast line of the Atlantic that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar which merges into the Mediterranean Sea leads to several amazing picturesque sights on the land.

The fifth largest Arab country in the world, the versatility in its geography is what can be described by the vast sand dunes of the Sahara, the peak mountains of the High Atlas and the ancient medinas and sprawling colourful markets of spices and leather which altogether work as a treat for nature and heritage lovers from across the world.

If you are an independent woman and want to find yourself impressed by the preserved essence in the tradition, culture and heritage of Morocco, then you can explore the excitement of this land with other like-minded solo women travellers through, a leading travel website where you can discover hand-picked destinations and several tailor made packages to suit your custom needs, along with exciting itineraries curated by experts!

Explore Morocco with Women Traveling The World!

Women traveling the world is a travel website that helps eager and ready to explore solo women travellers to travel the world with like-minded individuals. They help effortlessly curate travel groups for women and provide detailed information, handpicked destinations, hotels and tours and the best possible itineraries. If you have an undying desire to visit and explore the culture and heritage of Morocco, then you must have a look at the details of the Morocco adventure tours the website offers.

Morocco adventure tours is a package designed for women travellers who want to enjoy their solitude as well as having a Grand time with friends in the beautiful country. Highly recommended by travel critics, these tours are an ideal choice for women to experience a complete rejuvenation in life as they explore the streets of the city filled with crafts, carpets and the customary lifestyle. You can meet the locals and understand their dated culture, taste their delicious local cuisines, ride a camel across the dunes and explore all that Morocco has to offer.

10 Best Things about Morocco

WTTW makes sure that your journey coincides with being close to the colourful Moroccan culture and the landscapes that are not just distinct but quite attractive for one and all. As the land has a legacy of being known as a tourist destination, it is important to know several cultural aspects of the land in order to enjoy it fully.

1. The magical experience of Morocco begins on the land of Marrakech, the ochre city and Casablanca, where you get to enjoy the taste of the daily life in Morocco.

2. Soak into the nomad experience in the streets of morocco as you explore the 4 imperial cities that preserve the civilization and historical traces traveling through Ait Ben Haddaou and Merzouga.

3. Meet and greet the nomads and locals of Morocco who will leave an imprint of their culture on you in such a way that you will take back the spirits that will make you feel free and alive.

4. Discover the richness in taste of the authentic cuisines and mouth-watering cultural delicacies from Africa as the chefs begin to cook a Moroccan dish. Travellers in Morocco find the cafes as a favourite pass time which are a key part of its modern culture. Mint teas and coffee being the most relished taste here.

5. Explore nature’s diversity in Morocco as you go camel trekking in the desert and hike up to North Africa’s highest peak. Furthermore, the streets of Morocco are a paradise for shopaholics, which is something perfectly ideal for women.

6. Explore the ancient streets of the Medina, sleep at the boutique riads, soak in some relaxation at the panoramic terraces and grand squares.

7. Ride your camel to the dunes across the desert that includes a night at the Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert. You will wake in the morning to watch the sunrise over the sand dunes.

8. Traveling on the Moroccan land becomes even more exhilarating as you relax and rejuvenate yourself indulging in the ancient ritual of ‘Hamam’, a practice that has been kept close to the Moroccan heart.

9. From food to spices, everything has a class in the streets of Morocco. Explore and enjoy the spice market with the nomads, backed up by the urban sounds of the orchestra as you witness women sitting with baskets full of colourful spices with its unique smell at the Medina’s Second Square.

10. Morocco has always been known to offer entertainment in its truest sense as it has still not shed on its folk and ancient culture. You get a chance of buying souvenirs’ and artefacts to bring back home from the Dienna el Fna square and souks where the locals sell ceramics and the traditional Moroccan jewellery.

While all this is included in their planned itinerary, you can also get in touch with the team to customize a trip for yourself by writing to them at:

Why Should You Visit South Africa in 2019?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

While Africa as a whole has been for long recognized as one of the backward continents in the world, South Africa has fought through the odds and extremities to become one of the most consistent and fast developing nations in the world today. Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, the country is rapidly growing as a popular international travel destination as it is home to a bountiful species of flora & fauna, world’s first art galleries, entertainment venues, sports arenas and restaurants. From snow-capped mountains to semi-arid regions, travellers get to witness incredible variety in nature and biodiversity. Boasting of a rich and diverse culture, there are over 11 widely used languages and Christianity is a widely accepted form of religion.

As a solo women traveller, whether you want a beach vacation, exotic itinerary or a Safari experience, you can plan one of the most exquisite South Africa tours this year with Women Traveling The World. The travel website offers top quality itineraries that include handpicked destinations to visit, stay and explore to make your solo travel the most memorable one of your life. There are also several tailor-made packages to suit your custom needs as they curate the best vacation for you in groups or as a solo traveler.

Places to Visit South Africa in 2019

South Africa is a land with extreme weather conditions and diverse ethnic groups, which makes it the perfect stop for experiencing a highly adventurous trip. With the varying seasons, countless species of flora & fauna, entertainment venues, sports arenas, famous art galleries and more, everything is just apt for planning your tour to South Africa.

The land of mystical destinations and adventures, and aided with a diverse and distinct ecosystem, South Africa offers everything for everyone. South Africa tours with WTTW comprises of amazing safari destinations in South Africa. As a traveller, you get to visit and explore famous destinations like the Kruger National park, beaches at the Western Cape, forests and lagoons and the garden route and beneath the flat-topped Table Mountain.

Women Traveling the World offers two awesome tours to help you explore the wondrous continent. These include our Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda and a South African Safari that explores Cape Town and the Safari tour.

Cape Town, South Africa

As a part of the South Africa Safari tour, you will get to explore Cape Town, globally touted as South Africa’s jewel. The tour carries on to the Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and Constantia Valley, which are the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Just south of the City Center, the Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain that hovers over Cape Town, which evidently give it its name. The most prominent feature found here is the Table Mountain National Park, which also includes tourist attractions such as Boulders Beach and the Cape of Good Hope. The location offers adventurous experiences such as hiking to the mountain’s summit or reaching the destination via cable car.

The Cape of Good Hope is another awesome destination in Table Mountain National Park. It is ideally a peninsula dividing the Atlantic Ocean and False Bay, featuring several incredible beaches as a result. Since it is a peninsula, there is an amazing variety of flora and fauna to explore and study as well. Cape Point, Africa’s southernmost point is the highlight of the area. It is a strip of land that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Next up, the Constantia Valley is a good place to visit in Cape Town. Popularly known as the heart of South Africa’s wine country, here you get a once in a lifetime chance to sip on famous wines and relax in the valley, a region that includes oak-lined streets, historic mansions and award-winning wineries.


The most popular attractions in the city of Uganda have always been the Murchison Falls National Park and Kazinga Channel. A proper Uganda vacation is never complete without a visit to the Murchison Falls National Park, located right on Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. The park consists of the namesake Murchison Falls, where the Nile River plummets over a massive drop. Kazing Channel is a 32-kilometer long natural channel and is a great site for exploring safaris. It is a part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In addition to these, Women Traveling The World also offers an exotic Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda. For more information regarding the above mentioned tours, simply jump online at and check out the amazing travel destinations chosen for you by experts.

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