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Experience The Magic Of a South Africa Safari Tour

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

It’s a dream for many to experience the wondrous beauty and surreal nature found in South Africa. It was considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit this incredible place, but now it’s getting much easier to enjoy a South Africa safari. The South Africa tour for single women offers you a superb opportunity to explore and experience the incredible beauty of nature, wildlife, refreshing places, and the unique culture of South Africa.

The Incredible Experiences You Can Look Forward To On A South Africa Safari Tour-

The Big 5

South Africa is home to the “Big 5” – African elephants, lions, African leopards, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros. On your tour, you definitely expect to meet these phenomenal animals. Seeing them in the wild will be one of the most memorable things you will experience on the tour.

Cape Town

There’s more to Cape Town than Robben Island, Table Mountain, and penguins. You will get to explore a variety of plant life, cuisine, cultures, geography, and activities. The place is also filled with beautiful scenery, even the clouds are startlingly beautiful, you will never get tired of admiring them.

Penguin Island

While in Cape Town you won’t want to miss the tour to Penguin Island, where you will get the chance to see a colony of endangered African Penguins and explore other sea life.

If you are excited to make your life an adventure. Then you may want to join the next South Africa safari tour offered by Women Traveling the World. For more information visit

Yacht Vacation in Croatia 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Imagine a perfect vacation on a luxurious yacht, exploring new places, beautiful islands, amazing foods, drinks, and unlimited fun, accompanied by an amazing group of people. That’s how you picture your vacation, right? Or maybe just close enough? Women Traveling the World can help you enjoy your vacation and have experiences as amazing as this. We recommend joining our next Croatia cruise tours in July 2020. We have an exquisite Yacht ready for you to board and explore both the mainland and islands of Croatia. Complete with a crew and only 19 statements for your personal and private experience.  

What You Can Expect On The Croatia Yacht Tour For Women?

Our tours are exclusive for women and we try our best not only to provide the best experience but safety too. So once you book your trip with us we will arrange the air transport in no time. On arrival, you will be greeted by a member of the yacht crew and joined by a group of women who are on the same adventure as you.

The journey will begin sooner than you know and you’ll reach amazing locations to explore and witness the beautiful nature and history Croatia is known for. It also gives you a great opportunity to explore and learn about the way of life of the people living on the Croatian paradise islands. You can enjoy local food, drinks, music, and dance that the locals enjoy. It’s definitely a perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures.

When your body touches the fresh breeze of the clear blue sea for the first time, it’s an experience to remember. So, you can keep that in mind as the tour starts. You will also get to witness the beautiful world that is hidden underwater. The experience is simply unforgettable!

Croatia yacht tours for women give you the opportunity to explore beautiful places such as the Kornati, Blue Cave, Pakleni, and many more depending on the route you choose to sail. You’ll discover hidden beaches, ports, bays and small islands. The Country is filled with incredible architecture, churches, and landmarks.

The nights are no less fun. After a great meal, you can take a bottle of wine and enjoy a pleasant evening with your company under the beautiful Croatian stars. Or party with your new friends at the local bar.

Now does this sound like a great vacation for you? If you are already excited to plan your vacation early, we recommend joining the Croatia cruise tour for July 2020. The crew would love to have you on the voyage and we would love to arrange everything for you, so contact us whenever you are ready for the next amazing vacation.

To see the highlights of Croatia Yacht Tour, please visit

Planning A Trip To Ireland? Here’s What You Should Know First

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Traveling to Ireland is a fantastic and stress-free trip for anyone planning for their international vacation. Ireland is such a beautiful destination and everyone should visit it once in their lifetime. Ireland is not only great for solo travelers but is a great destination for a women’s tour and anyone trying their solo adventure for the first time. Here’s what makes Ireland a great destination for women traveling solo.

Majority Of The People Understands English

If you are traveling to a foreign city that speaks different languages, you need to make some arrangements on how you would be communicating with people like asking them about directions, addresses, advice on where to go, or other information. However, when it comes to communication in Ireland, you have less to worry about. The majority of the people in Ireland understand and speak English.

If you are reading this then you probably understand English, and if you do, your vacation to Ireland is going to be amazing. Visiting Ireland for a vacation is much simpler now. Ireland is accustomed to tourists and thus provides great infrastructures for a better tourist experience. You will find signs and even menus written both in English and Irish. You won’t need to think too hard to understand the language here.

Breathtaking Scenery.

Ireland is filled with beautiful breathtaking sceneries. If you visit the countryside you will be soaked up by its spectacular natural beauty. You can visit Ireland’s National Parks Connemara and Killarney to witness the beauty of nature and find a deep sense of peace. Enjoy a spectacular view of the seas from the Cliffs of Moher. Drive through scenic rolling green hills and pastures.

There is so much to do in Ireland, you can visit the beautiful coastal regions, magnificent castles and can even visit the famous movie shooting center where movies like Braveheart, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter were filmed.

Friendly Attitudes Towards Women Touring In Ireland

Ireland has grown to a more socially progressive nation in the last few years. New laws have been passed to protect the rights of women and people whose rights were previously marginalized. The people in Ireland, in general, are said to be the nicest and most welcoming. Most people will try to help you and share good advice with you as the Irish are so friendly and welcoming.

Ireland is overall a great place to spend your vacations. If you are interested in spending your next vacation in Ireland, contact your best travel team at Women Traveling the World. We can help you plan out the best Ireland Women tour for you. Please visit

Napa Valley Tours for Singles. Sip-Sip-Hooray for the Best Wines

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Do you want a trip to enjoy the gratitude of the best wines? While you were working, we were planning. Our Napa Valley wine tours for singles is unlike any other trip on the planet. It is unique and extraordinary, where you get to try different varieties of wine and soak up the stunning sights of the vineyard. 

At Women Traveling the World, we make sure you enjoy an epic day planned at the winery, and the story doesn’t end here. There’s a lot to explore, and the opportunity to take tons of pics of the scenic wineries. Our platform is exclusively designed for solo women travelers and allows you to explore the hidden gem & beauty of the world. 

How do we begin planning? Female travelers all around the globe come together and form a group. Regardless of whom you are traveling with, you’ll have the best time of your life by learning about each other and the origin & culture we travel to. It is a perfect opportunity to create memories that’ll last for a lifetime. After a day in a vineyard, you & & your traveling companions will continue the trip further.

Also Read: 3 Most Well Guarded Secrets About our Napa Valley Wine Tour

Three reasons why Women Traveling The World is the right choice for Napa Valley wine tours for singles are: 

Exclusive Established Tour Operator You Can Trust. At Women Traveling The World, we have kept our services exclusive to women and have taken extensive measures for your splendid journey. Our expertly managed itinerary covers significant highlights of the city and walks you through the best spots in the midst of the finest accommodation & transportation services. 

Our Solo Trip Isn’t Lonely. Our solo traveling regime brings like-minded people all together, and you travel in a group that shares a common interest. With us, you don’t feel strangled on your voyage, and no one is a stranger, just people you haven’t met yet. 

You Relish the Authentic Experience. At Women Traveling The world, our experts are continually looking for ways to make your holiday as authentic & memorable as possible. And we do this by covering the major spots of the city and providing you the best of transportation & accommodations for your dream holiday. 

So far, we have executed 100+ trips to various corners of the world. Tell us where you want to go? To find out details on Napa Valley wine tours for singles, including other trips, do stop by at  

3 Most Well Guarded Secrets About our Napa Valley Wine Tour

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Napa Valley, the great wine capital of California, celebrates innovation and excellence in the production of the world’s finest wine. Stunning design, storied heritage, and cultural events – Napa Valley vacations for singles are indeed an extraordinary voyage and should be on your radar. Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on the picturesque vineyards rolling over the green hills. If this sounds like paradise, you must travel to see it. Let’s toast to Napa Valley Singles Tours.


There is an amazing story as to why Napa Valley is globally renowned as a hub for amazing wines. It all began in 1976 when a wine tasting event took place in France i.e., THE PARIS TASTING. For the first time, officers are considering the acceptance of eager fishermen into French wine professionals. Surprisingly, California wine won the competition. For the first time in history, it was absolutely clear that California could rival the French when it comes to first-class wine. This is where it all began, and in the upcoming decade, the number of California wineries tripled and escalated sevenfold to date.


The Napa Valley Wine Tour is just half the story. The other half is dedicated to the splendid journey in the midst of magnificent scenery and excellent spots. At Women Traveling The World, we endeavor to make sure you explore every grand facade of the city. Consequently, our expertly designed itinerary covers Yosemite tours before this Napa tour, scenic rides to Napa Valley, wine tastings at 3 different vineyards in Sonoma Valley, and many more.


The best thing about our trip is that you do not have to worry about anything. Catering to a high-quality Napa Valley vacation for singles is one of our top priorities, and the overall price is quite reasonable against our competitors. In the end, it is all about leaving home with a memorable impression. Our team personally ensures that everything is top-class, which all-in-all offers a more vibrant, friendlier, and personal travel experience.

At WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD, we take pride in gifting seamless, pleasant luxury vacations by covering countless international destinations on this planet. We care about quality and deliver the best of the best. If you are continually looking for ways to make your holiday as remarkable a possible, then do contact us today.  

5 Reasons to Book Ireland Tours for Singles in 2020

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Natural wonders, stunning sights, historic landscapes and dynamic culture – who would want to miss the pleasure of the Emerald Isle? Ireland is globally renowned for ultimate vacations for singles and there’s a reason why it tops the bucket list. Being a worldwide enchanting land, Ireland is a staggering jackpot amid mysterious ancient terrestrial and lush green charm. Visitors around the globe have been planning Irish adventures for centuries. You could too…!!

A spellbinding vacation doesn’t have to be luxurious, it should be an opportunity to revive your mind, body and soul. Ireland tours for singles provides you with the adventure of a lifetime and gives you something to eagerly anticipate. Here are 5 of the many reasons why you must visit Ireland in 2020 are:

1. Beautiful Landscape + Amazing Places to See. From a panoramic tour of Dublin to the valley of the two lakes, there are so many incredible things to see. The astounding landscape of Ireland is like an endless saga. Every corner is a lovely masterpiece and gives you a story to tell.

2. Visit Ireland for its Castles. An Irish castle provides the romantic feel of this remarkable country. At WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD, our Ireland vacations for singles brings you the opportunity to stay at Clontarf Castle Hotel for 2 nights and Dunloe Castle Hotel for 3 nights. During your stay, you’ll be able to experience magical visions of brave kings and frightful dungeons.

3. Come to Ireland for The Adrenaline Journey. Outdoor enthusiasts adore Ireland, and for good reason. Enjoy the Ring of Kerry Tour, which is one of the most famous and panoramic routes in Ireland. Lakes and wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean does confer a wonderful perspective on Irish life. The cliff road of Killarney passing through Killorglin is an unforgettable treat with panoramic views of Dingle Peninsula and Dingle Bay.

4. Ireland is packed with history. The evidence of human civilization dates back to 10,500 B.C. and the country encompasses some spectacular prehistoric sites. The historical significance does make Ireland a jam-packed destination to explore impressive ancient legacy. Other than physical history, Ireland is also globally renowned for its literary heritage and Dublin itself is a UNESCO City of Literature.

5. Experience the Unique Pub Culture. Ireland’s pub culture has a reputation for its delicious touts and friendly patrons. You’ll find many traditional pubs that offer live Irish folk music, which indulges you in a witty conversation and gives you a taste of authentic Irish generosity. In other languages, your dining experience gets revelled with Irish folklore. 

Reach us to customize Ireland vacation for singles. Ireland is probably the most cheerful & welcoming country which draws serious crowds. To explore all your options for a memorable vacation, do visit

Why Should You Visit South Africa in 2019?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

While Africa as a whole has been for long recognized as one of the backward continents in the world, South Africa has fought through the odds and extremities to become one of the most consistent and fast developing nations in the world today. Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, the country is rapidly growing as a popular international travel destination as it is home to a bountiful species of flora & fauna, world’s first art galleries, entertainment venues, sports arenas and restaurants. From snow-capped mountains to semi-arid regions, travellers get to witness incredible variety in nature and biodiversity. Boasting of a rich and diverse culture, there are over 11 widely used languages and Christianity is a widely accepted form of religion.

As a solo women traveller, whether you want a beach vacation, exotic itinerary or a Safari experience, you can plan one of the most exquisite South Africa tours this year with Women Traveling The World. The travel website offers top quality itineraries that include handpicked destinations to visit, stay and explore to make your solo travel the most memorable one of your life. There are also several tailor-made packages to suit your custom needs as they curate the best vacation for you in groups or as a solo traveler.

Places to Visit South Africa in 2019

South Africa is a land with extreme weather conditions and diverse ethnic groups, which makes it the perfect stop for experiencing a highly adventurous trip. With the varying seasons, countless species of flora & fauna, entertainment venues, sports arenas, famous art galleries and more, everything is just apt for planning your tour to South Africa.

The land of mystical destinations and adventures, and aided with a diverse and distinct ecosystem, South Africa offers everything for everyone. South Africa tours with WTTW comprises of amazing safari destinations in South Africa. As a traveller, you get to visit and explore famous destinations like the Kruger National park, beaches at the Western Cape, forests and lagoons and the garden route and beneath the flat-topped Table Mountain.

Women Traveling the World offers two awesome tours to help you explore the wondrous continent. These include our Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda and a South African Safari that explores Cape Town and the Safari tour.

Cape Town, South Africa

As a part of the South Africa Safari tour, you will get to explore Cape Town, globally touted as South Africa’s jewel. The tour carries on to the Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and Constantia Valley, which are the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Just south of the City Center, the Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain that hovers over Cape Town, which evidently give it its name. The most prominent feature found here is the Table Mountain National Park, which also includes tourist attractions such as Boulders Beach and the Cape of Good Hope. The location offers adventurous experiences such as hiking to the mountain’s summit or reaching the destination via cable car.

The Cape of Good Hope is another awesome destination in Table Mountain National Park. It is ideally a peninsula dividing the Atlantic Ocean and False Bay, featuring several incredible beaches as a result. Since it is a peninsula, there is an amazing variety of flora and fauna to explore and study as well. Cape Point, Africa’s southernmost point is the highlight of the area. It is a strip of land that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Next up, the Constantia Valley is a good place to visit in Cape Town. Popularly known as the heart of South Africa’s wine country, here you get a once in a lifetime chance to sip on famous wines and relax in the valley, a region that includes oak-lined streets, historic mansions and award-winning wineries.


The most popular attractions in the city of Uganda have always been the Murchison Falls National Park and Kazinga Channel. A proper Uganda vacation is never complete without a visit to the Murchison Falls National Park, located right on Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. The park consists of the namesake Murchison Falls, where the Nile River plummets over a massive drop. Kazing Channel is a 32-kilometer long natural channel and is a great site for exploring safaris. It is a part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In addition to these, Women Traveling The World also offers an exotic Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda. For more information regarding the above mentioned tours, simply jump online at and check out the amazing travel destinations chosen for you by experts.

Explore Exciting Highlights of Ireland with Women Traveling the World

Friday, May 24th, 2019

In this world driven by technology and everything we need at the tips of our fingers, we often forget to take a “Time Out” and experience what this world has to offer by traveling to new places. Travelling to different destinations will change your perception about a lot of things and free your mind from day to day clutter and fill it with happy memories which you can cherish for a lifetime and can share with as many people as you can in a form of story and anecdote.

About Ireland:-

Ireland is the picture perfect land with relaxing scenic beauty, scintillating festival celebrations around the country and it also has a wild side. There are lot of opportunities for adventure in Ireland whether it is soaking in Dublin’s busy streets and pubs or celebrating the cultural spree in Galway.  The island has a hilly geography with numerous plains and rivers cutting through the land. Its currency is the Euro and the country’s official language is both English and Irish. Most people speak a dialect of English, however many families who have lived in Ireland for generations understand and speak Irish.

About women traveling the world:

Women traveling the world” is a travel agency providing all the opportunities needed to travel to any destination in the world and also include licensed and experienced local tour guides. The tours are specially curated for women who love travelling solo making their vacation smooth and organised.

Interesting facts about this agency:-

  • The packages are built using unique hotels and rejuvenating activities.
  • Itineraries can be customized according to the choice of the
  • Women traveling solo can find like-minded people during the journey and can cherish that friendship for a lifetime.
  • They offer tours to amazing destinations handpicked by the team to offer unique experiences.
  • Traveller’s preferences and quality vacation ideas is a dominant factor while deciding for the hotels, tours and other activities during the tour.

Places to Visit in Ireland:-

  • The cliffs of Moher
  • Grafton street, Dublin
  • Killarney national park and Muckross house & Gardens
  • The book of Kells and Trinity college, Dublin
  • Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin
  • The Ring of Kerry
  • The little museum of Dublin
  • The Rock of Cashel
  • Kinsale, Co. Cork
  • And many more

Apart from these are some other interesting places to visit while on this tour:

  • Explore the territory of the Game of Thrones that offers you magical subjects of nature.
  • Picturesque green landscapes, Quaint towns, scenic drives and vistas
  • Visit various places where indigenous crafts are present such as linen weaving sculptures, chocolate making, indulge in the classic Irish cuisine, and the art of whiskey blending etc.

With several of these things going around every hook and corner of Ireland, you can carry a small part of Ireland along.


To know more about this travel companion do visit the website: –

Phone: (866) 753-1552
Located in P. O. Box 5225
Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

Costa Rica Tour- Best Place for Nature Lovers and Adventure Seekers

Friday, May 24th, 2019

About Costa Rica:-

Costa Rica is the perfect choice for enjoying a rejuvenating holiday. The lifestyle on this rain-forested Central American country is laid back however it doesn’t mean people take anything for granted. It is the most visited nation in the Central American region with approximately 2.9 million foreign visitors in recent years.

The reasons that draw tourists to this country are a series of national parks and the preservation of flora and fauna. The land is often associated with volcanoes, rivers, rain forests, and waterfalls. There is also the opportunity to enjoy several adventure sports such as, white water rafting, kayaking in the rivers, sport fishing through the current, zip lining and other activities, on land, and water.

The friendly ambience and the multilingual yet amiable atmosphere is one of its known traits. What you take back from this adventurous vacation in Costa Rica is definitely much more than just memories. This tour will bring you in close acquaintance with the simplest and purest form of leading your life. “Pura Vida” translates to “pure life” in Costa Rican philosophy which lets you appreciate life’s simplest pleasures. The artistic expression in the folk dance, music, and cultural theatres and other activities can be traced in this traditional land.

Women travelling solo is a pretty new concept in the world but it has become much easier now because of the opportunities that are available and just a click away. One such agency namely “women traveling the world” is making it much more easier for solo women travellers to enjoy their vacation without putting much effort in planning  it at every step.


Women traveling the world” is an agency providing all the facilities needed while planning a vacation especially for women travelling solo or in small groups. They will give you a very beautiful experience of the destination along with exciting packages that will make your vacation hassle free so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and cherish those memories all your life.

Interesting things about this tour agency:

  • The packages are built using unique hotels and rejuvenating activities.
  • Itineraries can be customized according to the choice of the
  • Women traveling solo will travel with like-minded ladies during the journey and can cherish that friendship for a lifetime.
  • They offer tours to amazing destinations handpicked by the team to offer unique experiences.

Some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica are:

  • Arenal volcano
  • La Fortuna area
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Maanuel Antonio national park and its beaches
  • Poas volcano
  • Botos lagoon
  • Irazu volcano
  • Tortuguero channels
  • Drake bay & Corcovado national park
  • Guanacaste beach


To know more about this tour and the travel agency and discover ways to align yourself with the best holiday experience while travelling solo, do visit their website:

Phone: (866) 753-1552

Located in P. O. Box 5225
Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

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