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Join 2020’s Most Wanted Trip – Portugal Discovery Tour

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Enchanted and Endearing, Portugal is a treasure trove for someone who wants to explore the rich history, vivid culture, and nature’s exquisite beauty. The place disconnects you from the modern lifestyle and allows you to relish a diverse selection of seafood, discover ancient ethnicity and tales. In addition to this, there are many reasons why everyone is going to Portugal right now.

Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal is famous for its beaches, lip-smacking food, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The eye-catching coastline, best climate, and Santos festivities do rock your world to the core.

Quick Facts You’ll Discover on Your Portugal Discovery Tour

  1. Portugal is a fantastic blend of traditionality and modernity. You’ll be surprised to know that Portugal has the history of the fastest growth in innovation performance. In 2016, Lisbon became the home of a web summit and in 2018, CTA International Innovation Scorecard accredited Portugal as the 13th most innovative country in the world. Despite being a pioneer in the latest technology, the Portuguese never lost their values and cultural significance.
  2. Heads up for the biggest waves in the world. The coast of Portugal is known for monster waves, which attract surfers from all around the globe. Garrett McNamara (American professional surfer) marked the world record wave here. You can even see his video for surfing the biggest waves. The waves here get 100m high; thus, making it an ideal place to learn and enjoy surfing.
  3. Music Festivals pop-up like corn. Locals here are known for their great hospitality and welcome you as a friend. Music festivals are a huge part of their culture, very nice and easy-going. One thing you’ll definitely observe on your Portugal discovery tour is that there are festivals for all kinds of music taste. EDM, Rock and pop music are highly popular here. 

Highlights of Portugal Discovery Tour 2020

At WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD, we personally make sure your excursion is one of the best at an affordable price and guarantees a pleasurable experience without compromising on comfort & qualities.  Since our service is expertly managed and pays close attention to first-class travelling, accommodation and overall amenities, you’ll get a dream-like travelling. Factors that portray WOMEN TRAVELING THE WORLD as a reliable choice for Portugal’s discovery tour are:

  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN. Our travelling organization is exclusively for solo women travellers and has been a foremost choice for the growing number of women travelling alone. Interested ones come together and form a travelling group pack.
  • WELL DESIGNED ITINERARY. The unique facet of our organization lies in the capability to deliver a brilliant itinerary. This became possible by associating with trusted suppliers around the globe, who are equally passionate as we are for your unforgettable journey.
  • BROAD COVERAGE. Our Portugal Discovery Tour 2020 covers countless renowned destinations for your remarkable voyage. On your 9 day Portuguese journey, you’ll see AVEIRO, Douro, Estoril, Lisbon, and Porto.

Don’t Quit Your Traveling Dream. Sign up today. If Portugal is not on your bucket list, don’t worry, there are plenty more destinations to choose from. Just pay a visit to our site:

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