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Beautiful Bali

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Looking for an exciting fall excursion with a group of fun and adventurous women? At Women Traveling The World, we can take you to parts of the world that you’d never dream of going to, at a price you’d never dream of getting away with. In October, come away with us to the stunning coasts of Bali, Indonesia.

Housing Accommodations

Our housing accommodations for this trip are, in and of themselves, a once in a lifetime experience. For our first two nights in Bali, we’ll be staying at the gorgeous Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort. This resort is not only nestled in Bali’s southwest coast, but it’s area is so large that there are 13 temples located on its grounds. Next up, we have the Puri Lumbung cottages. This is a real treat, as you will be able to stay on your own cottage, located on stilts just above the water’s edge. This little getaway bungalow on the sea is nothing short of paradise. Once we depart for Ubud, we will come to the Tjampuhan hotel, which we can feel lucky to call home for four nights. When we’re not going on our elephant excursions and exploring the local crafts markets, you can feel free to relax to your heart’s content at the hotel’s incredibly relaxing stream-side spa, or clear blue pool.


All costs for excursions, cultural events, and entrance fees to sights and museums are all covered under the trip fee, and you will be amazed at how much you get for so little. Throughout our journey, we will get to enjoy a wide variety of wild life. Snorkeling off the coast of Menjangan Island, riding elephants in Ubud, and feeding monkeys in the Belimbing village will allow you to get up close and personal with the thousands of species of animals that call Bali home. You’ll also get to experience the more spiritual side of Bali as we explore the island’s virtually ancient wonders of the world: their temples. In addition to their breathtaking temples, you will have the opportunity to meet with an authentic Balinese healer, an experience you’ll surely never have the opportunity to have again.

For the single woman traveler, it can be unappealing to imagine experiencing so many exciting new things alone. That’s why so many women have begun traveling with women just like them, who want the most out of life and who want to experience the trip of a lifetime. To book your spot on our fabulous trip to the island of Bali, contact Women Traveling The World Today!

Safety Tips for the Single Woman Traveler

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Visiting a new place always comes with apprehensions.  Especially when traveling alone, being alert and looking out for yourself and your personal items is imperative to a hazard-free trip.  Though most people are friendly and happy to help tourists, some locals use that vulnerability as an opportunity to take advantage and scheme.  Following these safety tips will help you have the most enjoyable, stress-free trip possible.

The Fanny Pack

Nothing screams tourist like a fanny pack, and outing yourself as such so obviously can make you a major target for pit-pockets.  However, the function of a fanny pack, of keeping your valuables close to you, is very useful.  This is why a money belt is the perfect alternative.  Whereas a fanny pack is perfectly visible at all times, a money belt is thinner and meant to be concealed underneath one’s clothing.  This way, all of your valuables are close to your body, but you don’t give off the overt tourist vibes that could get you into trouble.

Odd Behavior

Obviously kindness from a stranger should not be shocking or alarming, but be aware that suspicious behavior such as unprompted conversations and offers of help can be distractions to a greater goal.  Tourists have reported being bumped into and apologized to, only to realize that while they were bumping into Suspect #1, Suspect #2 was taking the wallet and camera out of their bag.  Being vigilant is the best way to stay safe, and if a situation begins to feel unsafe, you can leave it before anything happens.

Don’t Take Everything

Though you may not have a “home” wherever you’re traveling, leaving some of your valuables in a secure place wherever you’re staying is much better than taking everything important out with you.  It may be scary to leave part of your travel money in a locker at a hostel, but that is undoubtedly a safer choice than taking everything with you all the time and risking a disastrous theft.

Traveling as a single person, especially as a single woman, can feel very vulnerable.  That’s one reason why going on a tour with other similar women wanting a positive travel experience is such a great option for those wanting a safe adventure.  There’s safety, and fun, in numbers.

The Obvious (and Not So Obvious) Must-List for Rome

Monday, May 16th, 2016

The capital of Italy and a wonder of the Ancient World, Rome deserves to be marveled at.  With its rich history, sensational cuisine, and breathtaking scenery, Rome is at the top of bucket lists around the world, and there are so many reasons why.

Historical Sites

One of the most unique things about Rome is the way that old and new, ancient and modern, are constantly interacting with one another.  Some locals still give directions by referring to places as either inside or outside of “the walls”, referencing the ancient walls built by emperors who lived centuries before us, which are still standing today.  Common attractions like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Pantheon may seem touristy and overpopulated, but they’re so popular because they are ceaselessly breathtaking.  The sheer enormity of the Colosseum, the views from the top of Palatine Hill, and the delicate perfection of the Pantheon all make for a beautiful day of sight-seeing in Rome.

The Vatican

Though technically its own country, the Vatican is a must-see destination if you’re traveling in Italy.  Thousands of people, both religious and secular, visit the Vatican every day either to pay respect to the Pope or simply to observe its beauty and grandeur.  It may seem daunting to see so many people rushing into what is essentially one large building, but the wait is worth it.  Visitors cannot only experience the intensity St. Peter’s Basilica, but can bask in the tranquility of the Sistine Chapel, observing the finest of Michelangelo’s works.


Tasting the best food that Italy has to offer isn’t difficult because delicious food is all around you.  Of course one has to try the classics: pasta, pizza, gelato, the list goes on, but what about cooking the food for yourself?  It may seem too good to be true, but Italian locals are actually willing to teach tourists how to cook their food!  A quick internet search can yield great results when trying to find a chef to apprentice, and the best part is that they’ll welcome you inside their home with open arms.  What better way to experience the freshest, most authentic Italian food than to have a hand in making it?

There are so many amazing things to do in Rome that it can seem daunting to try to plan a trip for yourself.  Especially if you’re traveling alone, making decisions about what to see and what to do can be tricky, so let us do it for you!  Book your tour to Italy today and join a group of fabulous women just like you who are ready for their Italian adventure.

Travel Tips for Single Women: How to Pack for Your Next Trip

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

It’s vital as a woman to make sure we are prepared. It’s in our nature. Our anxiety is usually not so much about the Trip as it is if we are prepared. I like to compare packing as to going into combat.  What will I need? Who will I encounter? What events? Weather?  Outfits! It’s enough to drive me crazy. I have developed some packing tips for the woman who loves to travel.  Here are the tips to help you pack and feel prepared for wherever the journey may take you.

10 Packing & Travel Tips for Single Women


Dublin, Ireland’s Best Irish Music Places for Singles Vacations

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Best place to hear traditional Irish music…

Most Dublin pubs will host evenings of traditional Irish music but there are a few special pubs that have earned a reputation for having great live music.

Pubs to See while Traveling Alone

If you’re planning on going on any singles vacations and heading over to Dublin, Ireland, then you have to check out these pubs that are sure to play Irish music.

The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone fits into this category. It is a traditional, casual, city centre pub that hosts some of the best traditional music and roots sessions in all of Dublin.


O’ Donoghues has been associated with traditional Irish bands including The Dubliners and the Furey Brothers for what seems like forever. Both used to play regular sessions in the pub. Not much has changed in O’ Donoghues, including the décor which still maintains many of its original features. Traditional Irish music sessions place weekly and are highly regarded among musicians.

M Hughes

M Hughes is probably the least touristy of these pubs, due in most parts to its out of the way location. It’s the type of place where you’ll just happen to stumble upon set dancing classes and traditional music performances. The easiest way to reach M Hughes is to follow the Luas red line.

The Women Take Their World Travels To Greece

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Nothing matches the beauty of the Greek Islands, from the views to the over structure of the towns, nearly every aspect of Greece is incomparable. From the white buildings set along the Mediterranean Sea to the white sand beaches, as the Women Traveling the World, we want to see it all. Which is why we from June 20th through the 29th, we will be traveling to the historically stunning Greek Islands.

International Women Travel Tour

When planning international travel for single women, it’s crucial to get all the planning done far in advance to ensure there is as little mix-ups as possible. Here’s a little sneak peek into our upcoming trip to Greece!

Where We’ll Be Visiting

  • Our journey in the Greek Islands will begin in Naxos – an island famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, clear water, and stunning mountain landscapes.
  • Next, we head to Santorini – which has become the most commercial spot in the Greek Islands, and was ranked as the number one island in Europe by Conde’ Nast, a famous European magazine. After spending four days exploring everything Santorini has to offer, we take another vast ferry to Crete.
  • Crete is the final stop on our wonderful journey – and has more history than many could imagine. We will be visiting the Venetian town of Shania, and explore some of the ways Greeks make their tradition and fabulous food that we will have been eating all week.

The Women Take Their World Travels To Greece

For any women who want to join us on our travels around the world, we’d be happy to have you! If you travel with our group, you will make countless memories and see some of the most beautiful places around the globe. Our trip to Greece is coming up soon, and we can’t wait – here are some of the trip details beyond our destinations:

  • The Total Cost: $2850.00 (per person based on double occupancy)
  • Deposit: $500.00
  • Final Booking Deadline is 60 DAYS Before Departure
  • If an additional night in Athens is required due to missing the 2:00PM connection to Naxos, single rooms are priced at $130.00 and double occupancy is priced at $95.00
  • BONUS: If you book before April 19th, you receive $50.00 OFF!

Now, you’re probably biting at the bit to book your trip with us – so, visit our website which features a full layout of the trip itinerary as well as the included and not included amenities. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the Greek Islands?

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